Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fighting Cabin Fever

After yesterdays near miss on my treadmill I almost went flying off the back end I ended up jumping at the last second and landed safely but it was scary.I decided to change things up a bit and go back to my park and walk outside.

It was dreary and wet but not cold just mildly cool I were a light wind breaker for a jacket nothing heavy. I saw some squirrels playing and a forlorn looking dog sitting by the fence as I went by it didn't even bother to bark.

I completed 8 laps, and wore my heart rate monitor to make sure I stayed in my zone,which is hard to do just walking so I had to throw a few jogs in as well.

All in all a good time was had at least the scenery changes as you go round and round the park. Not another soul in it but me today wonder why?
Came home did my abs now I am done for today:)

Whats on your workout schedule for today? How's your weather?

Monday, January 17, 2011

What I found Out

Even though I know a lot about exercising trying to figure out my calorie needs was driving me crazy. Yesterday, I took this quiz at Web Md Personal Diet Evaluator and now I have my answers which I will share.

The quiz asks a lot of questions such as your age, height, current weight, activity level, pant size... Mine is age 46 my height 5'6, weight 162, activity level moderate, pants size is 12,my bmi 26 (overweight) range.
So to live my calorie level needs to be 1388, 2151 to maintain, to lose weight 1651. They suggest reducing calories by 233 and burning 233 with exercise.

They say I could be at 150 by April 16, 2011 how cool is that? I thought it was funny that they suggested my shape is becoming pair I always thought I was a apple due to being big chested...My waist size is healthy supposed to be half of your height or less:)
Just thought I would share...encourage any one reading this that is struggling to take this quiz find out your numbers.

Yesterday I did a short but intense cardio session plus weights I am sore today along with my abs and eating was OK. Today is another cardio day probably a long one.
Make it a great day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First New Post Of 2011

Sorry to be so absent lately not much to say I guess plus I was busy with the holidays and all. My holidays were very good and I hope yours were too! I managed to regain 3 pounds over them though so I now I am in the process of removing them again.

Last weeks workouts went very well I think I only had one day out of the five that I did not meet my goal of 50 min of cardio. I did weights twice, abs 3x.

I set a goal of 250 minutes of exercise a week so that I could eat in the 1600 calorie range.I bought a new heart rate monitor over Christmas wearing this helps me workout out hard enough but not too hard. My target heart rate is between 113-121 with 139 being tops at 80%. You find your target heart rate range by taking 220 minus your age and mulitplying that by 65% 70% 80% so you know your safe training numbers.

I'm finding that using my heart rate monitor really helps keep me in my target rate zone where I am working out hard enough but not to hard. I feel better physically since I started this not so stiff in my lower back and spine which I think OVER training was causing.

Oh yeah, I went down 1.5 pounds from the week before in spite of myself lol I had some good moments eating wise last week and some really bad ones. With me I find if I have a bad eating episode then at the next meal or snack I try to make good so the ratio of good eating is higher than the bad.

My other new fitness toy is a used rower I picked up for 5.00 at a garage sale. It is a Weider and very light weight but I do feel it all over when I use it.

Yesterday I had a major setback with my eating I ate out at Wendy's and had major junk food:( I make no excuses this is why I usually don't eat out my resolve and will power stay in my truck...oh well today has been better so far.
Tommorrow starts a new week time to move on!

Thanks for sticking with me I'm better at reading blogs than I am at blogging sometimes....