Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Week

I am feeling much better today since I finally slept the night through last night which is such a relief from being sleepless in the middle of the night hopefully this is a new positive trend.

Back to exercising at full steam. Sunday was a 8 lap around the park then home to do weight training and abs. Yesterday was 4 miles on my treadmill for about a hour total then today was 35 minutes on the treadmill. This afternoon I pulled weeds for a half and hour in my rose garden then went for a half hour bike ride through the neighborhood it was very breezy out there!

Tonight I am getting ready to tape The Biggest Loser this way I can watch it without all the annoying commercials and go through any annoying parts gotta love the fast forward button!

On Thursday of last week I dropped down to 161.5 which is down a half pound. Not much but better than a gain any day.

At the moment not much else is going on so I'll check back in later this week! Thanks for all your support and stoping by....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on my Depression

Still here, feeling better during the days but still having some trouble staying asleep at night...

I notice that I have more energy to do things during the day and my moods are getting slowly better and this after only one week back on the medicine. I find that I am not procrastinating about doing things as much.

While out on my walk in the park today I found myself thinking that I felt happy for the first time in a long time! I noticed that the squirrels were playing in the trees and the grass is starting to green up again not only am I starting to come back to feeling alive but nature is also!

Feeling isolated lately but today I asked my neighbor for help and received it. We are down to one car right now so my husband has mine so he can get to his job. I am stuck at home until we can get the other car fixed:( Anyway, my neighbor took to me to the grocery store and we had a great girl chat depression is much more common than you think or at least I think its sad how so many of us suffer from it and isolate ourselves because we "feel" different from every one else.

Thats my update for now nothing very exciting but ordinary is good too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Managing Depression

Since 1998 I have struggled with Depression off and on sometimes with medicine to help and sometimes not.

The first depressive episode was very scary for me my life was out of control. Not to mention I was out of control with crying jags, rage episodes, sleeping too much or not enough, & exercising too much. I was able to get the help I needed and go on a anti-depressant, and a anti-anxiety med for about a year I think they literally saved my life!

I fell back into depression last fall right before I had surgery. I had started on meds and had to go off for the surgery and I should have started taking them again but I didn't. I got out of the habit so these last few months I haven't been functioning well. I made the choice to start taking the meds again late last week so I am coming up on a week of medicine and my moods are better. I can see the funny side of things again. I am hoping to feel more productive as well. I just want my "normal" life back where I can concentrate, and enjoy everyday things like being out among people and be pleasant to be around.

I'm sharing my painful depression in the hopes of encouraging any one who reads this and might be suffering too get help. Depression is very treatable with proper diagnosis and medications and sometimes talk therapy helps too...There is a test you can take over at Web Md to see if you have full blown depression or not.

Keep good thoughts for me please that the medicine will do its job and I will be back to my "normal" self soon....till next time.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Past Week In Review

This past week flew by fast for me I felt strong and healthy for a change (something I am grateful for)

Sunday was a indoors workout for 49 minutes 3.13 total miles
Monday was outdoors 8 laps around in 35 minutes
Tuesday was back indoors 64:28 minutes total 4.06 miles
Wednesday 8 laps outdoors again for 35 minutes
Thursday 35 minutes inside for a total of 2.25 miles plus abs and weight workout. I know I did weights twice last week I just forgot to log it down ugh!!

This week I started off today Sunday for a total of 61:36 minutes & 4:06 miles plus ab work. I'm going to try and make this a hard workout week and see if I can get the scale to go below 162. I've only been here for a week so my body is not used to it yet and its been a few years since I've been this low. So hoping to get into size 10 jeans/shorts soon since my 12 jeans are baggy.

That's all for now I appreciate all your kind words on my efforts till next time....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sundays Workout

Well I woke up feeling great today such a nice change:) After breakfast I got 2 miles of the walk/jog done and then walked another mile for a total of 3 then I did my weight routine and abs.

I am off to a good start for this upcoming week still holding at 162 so close to the 150's again.

I've been chanting to myself lately I'm not gonna sabotage this, I'm not gonna sabotage this, I"m not going back up I"m not I'm not.....only time will tell but I have been eating fairly clean lately with no treats it helps if I just don't start in with them....then I don't have to worry about "controlling" the uncontrollable....

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week In Reveiw

It was the week of the headaches.Five days this last week I have had sinus pain and today I had a whopper of a migraine come on this morning I took something for it right away and it knocked me out for a while but at least the pain is gone and no sinus pain to take its place thank God.

I worked out 5 days this last week Mon-Fri but I cut my mileage and time way down it was a easy week which I needed after a hard month last month.I completed not quite 13 miles down from a high of 18 last month. Most days just 35 minutes yesterday was an hour in the morning I felt better but went down hill yesterday afternoon.

Believe it or not I am down another 1/2 pound so far I really may see the 150's by the end of this month I'm crossing my fingers.

Here's hoping no more headaches of any kind. Have a great weekend. Its sunny and mild here so I may go for a stroll to enjoy some sun and a little exercise!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taking It Easy

I'm taking it a little easier than usual this week still not at the top of my game with my workouts. Today it is cold and breezy here so I did a 33 minute workout inside on the treadmill(dreadmill) The other two days this week I walked in my favorite park in all the world for 8 laps both days.

My mileage is way down for now due to sniffles and trying to stay uninjured.

I finally got back down to 162.5 again it had bounced back up to 164 when I "celebrated" my anniversary with way to much food. I don't know why exactly but when I get to this weight I start to self sabotage some this time I am aware of the tendency and fighting it with all my might!

I guess that's my official mid week report for now stay warm and well where you are:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

I spent last Friday, Saturday, Sunday on my couch with a terrible sinus headache, and aches all over. I felt terrible and yes I took Sudafed and Advil each day however I can't take too much Sudafed it makes me jittery and does a number on my blood pressure! Urgh....

Today I woke up feeling much better (normal) whatever that is:) I looked outside and it was sunny and beautiful so I bundled up and headed to my favorite park behind my house and walked 8 laps around the park trail which too about 35 minutes. This was so good for my soul to get out of my house, too feel the sun on my face, saw great big fluffy white clouds, a few squirrels. I was disappointed that I didn't run into any of my friends that walk outside I guess they weren't feeling brave it was still in the 40's which is cold for us but there was no breeze (thank God) the wind goes right through you! I"m not sure it counts as cardio but it made me "feel" better!

I put in a hard effort last month I really cranked up the miles and lost a couple of pounds along the way and proved to myself that I can do 1 hour of cardio most days and not die from the effort. Oh yeah, speaking of things that die my heart rate monitor bit the dust and I don't have the $$ to replace it right now. I really miss it such a cool tool....something funny....my husband came in after I finished my run the other day and he says" Don't push too hard you don't have your heart rate monitor to tell you if your overdoing it " I replied " I can tell if I am working out to hard by my breathing! sheesh he acts like I just started working out or something and I been doing cardio for 13 years now! Been using a heart rate monitor since 2002 though....MEN!!

I am thankful that I feel fine today and I hope I don't get another dose of sinus trouble with this next round of cold weather!! Spring officially arrives in three weeks but I am hoping the cold weather leaves Florida sooner!

Till next time....thanks for stoping by please to leave a comment don't lurk I do most of the time when I read all your great blogs!