Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Another Monday

Last week turned out OK after all. I was able to get in 5 hard cardio days with three days of The Shred level II and my eating was back on track with no sweets and no binges! Yeah!!

I bought a copy of Dr. Phil's book for a dollar the Ultimate Weight Solution in there he talks about emotional eating what causes it and of course how to change it...I know the books been out a few years now I'm slow what can I say?

This week is going good so far today I had a great really hard workout I jogged/walked 3 miles plus level II shred. I've started watching level 3 to see whats in store next....

My weight is down to 158.5 which is one pound away from where I maintained my original weight loss for 5 years. I am thinking of taking my weight down just 4 or 5 more pounds and stopping there for a while.

Can't wait to do my measurements next week I think my butt is shrinking my clothes feel loser down there from all those squats and lunges I've been doing.
All else is good for now hope it stays that way. Can you believe Labor day is almost here? Wow the summer went by fast.

Till next time be well and keep working out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heart beats and Calorie tracking

Will beat 126,778 times, pump 1,859 gallons of blood, and push that blood nearly 11,236 miles throughout my body!

Created by

I saw all these different calorie count sites listed on a friends Facebook status and I thought I will check out these different websites. What the sites say and recommend vary wildly! I haven't poked around them much yet:) I really want a site to keep track of my calories that is easy to use? Does one exsist? We will see...

I have 4 sites selected and one asks you to buy a product so that is automatically disqualified I wanted FREE.

The Dailyplate said my calories should be 1860 a day. Sounds reasonable said my weight should be between 114.6-154.9 I would look sick if I ever dropped down to 114.6 not going there...what were they thinking? However that is where I got the cool heart calculator said 1629 should be my calorie count daily in order to lose weight and drop down to 136 by January 16, 2011. I think 136 is way to low and not sustainable to me.

Finally, asks you to buy there down loadable program for 34.95 supposedly it is endorsed by lots of well know websites...I say buyer be ware and what ever happened to free?

Still holding at 158.5 this AM. Yesterday I walked outside in the heat and humidty 12laps around my park came home and worked in my rose garden a while after all I was already sweaty and gross so what the heck. Had a good eating day no binges no urge to binge life is good!

I'll let you guys know what site I decide to use. Do you keep track of your calories online and if so what site do you use?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Question for my readers

I am once again within 10 pounds of being at what the charts say is ideal for my age 46 and height 5'6, however in only 3lbs I will be at a good bmi. I haven't been at the ideal of 148 in 17 years and I couldn't maintain it then so I don't know if I should try to go that low now. Any thoughts?

So far this week I have completed leve one of the Shred once and regular cardio on top of that it is much harder to run after doing the Shred. I'm going to do my cardio first from now on...

Exciting and scarey to be so close to maintence again...till next time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Better end to week!

I'm back on the healthy eating wagon won't you join me? I threw the last of the forbidden junk out on Thursday I believe so I have 3 days of good eating under my belt. I even did a double workout on Thursday. Sunday starts a new workout week...and yeah I am back down in the 150's again...The week ended on a good note!

Oh yeah I saw where Shred II is coming out in September goody...just when I am getting used to being killed with Shred I:)

I'm in a better place mentally and I thought I would share...have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going Backwards

Lately I've been wallowing in my feelings having a pity party with food and I'm up 3 pounds in spite of working out. Been here before recognize this cave I have fallen in to again time to crawl back out.
Usually there are just food stuffs I don't buy EVER like (brownies, cookies, etc) but lately I have been not only buying them and keeping them in the house for my husband and my son but I have been EATING them too!I keep saying this is the last batch I'm gonna bake and not buy anymore boxes of mix. Where is my will power? My self respect? I wonder since I have resisted for so long... maybe that is why feeling deprived but now I have indulged dare I say over indulged its time to STOP before I regain all the ten pounds I worked so hard to get off my body in the first place this time....ugh....

I swear sometimes I feel like a junk food alcholic instead of a alcholic since I don't drink anymore....I think I would be a full blown alcholic if a friend hadn't intervened in my life back in 1994 when I finally quit for good having gained 40 pounds by then though and the weight did not fall off just because I came to my senses and quit drinking.

Have to stop now and get back to my healthy ways. I wrote this not only for me but in hopes it would help others. I'll keep you posted on my progress or lack there of.Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keeping It Simple

I set three goals out to do today and I am happy to report I got'em done! I read Diane's post today at Fit To The Finish and she spoke of the power of three. In stead of three bringing bad luck try to set three goals for yourself everyday and see if you can commit to them and get them done.

My goals today were

1. To exercise for 45 minutes to 1 Hour check got r done

2. Call my dad and check in yep got r done

3. Work on my Internet business stuff got that one done as well.

All this to say its what we do most everyday that shapes our lives and relationships not what we do once n a while.

Lately I have been struggling with the summer time blues I guess not wanting to eat right, exercise, work on my home business, keep house you name it and I haven't felt like it. I'm hoping by keeping it simple that will be a way to move forward.

What goals have you set lately and gotten done?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Double Workout

Well, I started my workout week a day late this week but I made up for it by doing two workouts. First I jogged/walked 3 miles in respectable time then I did level two of the Shred once again, and once again it is still killer hard:)

I saw where the new season of Biggest Loser starts again September 21st! Yeah I miss my Tuesday night show.

Well, I'm bushed and off to read and relax a little bit before turning in.
Hows your August going so far?


Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Is Here

Hello friends welcome to August. Can you believe its August already where has year gone...time is really whipping by I must be getting

Anyway, I just wanted to let all my friends know I got r done this morning it wasn't pretty but I started this month out with a bang! 3+ miles plus abs the most I've done is a while distance wise. I did cardio and the Shred on Friday and my butts still sore:) Starting to get my workout mojo back finally from where I was out for a while being sick...

Can't wait for fall its so hot hazy steamy here feel like a hermit in my house.

Thought I'd share since most of us like BL. Bob Harper is trying to get 15k people subscribed to his youtube channel by 8/6 if he reaches this goal he promised to do a give away...Here's the link:

Today's my dads birthday and I sent a card plus called him this morning but I miss much that I started to think about buying all my favorite binge foods and having a binge for daddy's birthday how about that? I don't think he would approve. Anyway, I didn't do it and I won't but I did have some dark thoughts exercising helped me get over them for today so here to one day at a time and no binges!
Sorry for being so absent will try to do better! Till next time say no to binges.