Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi all,

Just dropping by to wish every one a Merry Christmas!

Hope your holiday is all you could wish for it to be that is good.

Mike and I will be having a quiet Christmas here at home this year just the two of us:) I'll be baking a small turkey with some healthy fixings and some treats:)

My left knee is hurting once again:( so I am resting it probably for the rest of the week...I call it my weather knee when it turns cold it hurts just arthritis I think no swelling etc. so all you guys who can workout please do so for me.

Take Care, Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support!

Friday, December 10, 2010

In Memory Of My Mom

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my moms death. I've been dreading this day all week. Its kind of funny how when I woke up it didn't immediately hit me like I feared it would. I am doing OK surprisingly well all things considered. I do still miss her always will I guess.

The holidays have been hard for me since mom died. My mom is the one in our family who "did" Christmas. She loved that time of year everything done to the max! It was easy to get caught up in her happiness and enthusium with cooking, decorating, presents galore she started Christmas in July. Now not so much.

The thing I know for sure is you only get one mom and one dad and you miss them when they are if you still have yours call them and love them the best you can. My relationship with my mom was far from perfect but I loved her and she loved me.

Rest in peace mom.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still Struggling

This week has been mixed I got my five days of exercise done but it was a struggle
Sun and Monday were hard workout days and Tuesday was easy due to my back hurting it quit already so I don't know I think I just overdid on weightlifting or something.

Yesterday I walked inside on my treadmill in the afternoon hated every minute of it but got r done. Today I walked and ran for 35 minutes on my treadmill it went better then I lifted weights and did abs.

Eating has been some what better I have dropped back down to 160 hoping to finish the year at 155 miracles do happen you know...

Well I guess thats it for now oh we are getting our first freeze of the season and i hate cold weather have I mentioned that before? I thought so,....

Looks like Mike will still be getting laid off all though not till January now lots of stress there.

Chris is alright as far as I know supposed to go help him clean and organize his place tomorrow really not looking forward to that...

Thats been my life lately till next time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Spoke To Me

As I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning this quote or line from a song ( John Mayer wrote or sings this) jumped out at me and resonated with me and I think it applies in so many areas of our life not just food so here is the quote:

"Oh twice as much ain't twice as good
And can't sustain like a one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees"

I printed out this quote and put this next to my computer....

I completely fell off the food wagon on Thanksgiving night and my weight jumped up three pounds immediately which I know is temporary since I am reigning in my eating and watching calories.

Will get back to exercising maybe today definitely tomorrow.

I haven't kept a journal in about 10 years now and maybe its time to get back to it as a healthy way to deal with my feelings instead of with food etc..

Well I'm off to eat breakfast have a great Saturday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Son Is Missing!

I am beside myself tonight with worry my 22 year old son hasn't been seen or heard from in over 20 hours we are frantic with worry this isn't like him. We filed a missing persons report with the sheriff today this is so hard its like hes fallen off the face of the earth...
Please pray for him and us his family.

He was found late last night and taken to a local hospital and admitted. When I know more I'll post.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turned My Ankle

Well I have managed to turn/twist my right ankle raking leaves of all things I stepped into a small hole didn't seem bad at the time but now a couple of days and workouts later my ankle is sore so I am now resting it:(

All together I got four workouts done this week and 1 weight training session.

Today I went and got another pair of Asics workout shoes the same kind I got at the beginning of the year. I just love them but they are truly worn out and that can cause problems too..

So that's it from here have a great night everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Long Road Back

I am taking the long way back from being sick it seems. Haven't been that ill with upper respirtory stuff in about 8 years it was awful. Went to my doctors got meds and after resting for about week I finally feel human again and ready to resume my workouts.

Got up felt fine on Sunday so I put in a hard 3 mile workout on my treadmill with my walk run program lots of walking thanks to being sick.

Then Monday I was trying to do my run/walk and my lower back and hamstrings started really bothering me so I just ended up walking two miles. I tried to lift weights but that didn't work out well either.

Tuesday was better I went to my park walked the 8 laps came home raked for 20 minutes called it a day, Then Today I went to the park and I was able to jog some so I did my 8 laps a little faster came home stretched so I can be able to keep walking if I don't stretch out after working out now I get so stiff its just terrible.

Been working on my abs and watching my eating as well. I am hanging in at 159:) trying to get to maintenance this month we will see how that goes...

Still dreading my husbands layoff next month trying to position ourselves so we can survive both emotionally and financially. If you believe in prayer please pray for us that we will come out alright from this situation...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress Will Make You Sick

Well I managed to catch something I think it is a cold all I know for sure is I feel crappy:(.

I did a short workout on Sunday and none yesterday and the rest of the week is questionable.I hate trying to "workout" when you have to work just to breathe ugh its been a long time since I actually caught a cold lucky me at least for now we still have insurance and a check coming in:)

Mike is looking hard for the next job and when I get better I am going to start looking for something as well we need the $$ on a steady basis you know?

Wish us luck. Last weeks workouts were great 14 miles plus weights and abs and the week before was 18 miles a record for me I think.

If you can workout and run do some miles for me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recap of Workout Week

I started my workout week last Saturday when I got back home 2.5 pounds up now I am down to just a half pound from where I was when we left and this too shall go next week I insist:)

Sat 38:11 2.73 miles with a 5/2 split and abs
Sun 49:06 3.34 miles same as above no abs though
Mon 60:01 4.07 miles plus abs
Tues 38:01 2.58 miles
Wed 50:05 3.50 miles plus abs and Shred level 2
Thurs easy walk in the park 8 laps
Fri & Sat rest:)

Sunday starts it all over again. So far no stress eating like I said down to being just a half pound above where I was so I am satisfied with my workout week just have to keep it going I guess.

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bad Economy & My Life

Mike and I found out upon our return home on Friday that his company that he has worked at for 14 years is planning to close the plant at the end of this December short of a miracle. There main client has started producing there own plastic bottles so they don't need Constar anymore and so far the company has not found another customer to take its place so they are shutting the plant down.

Needless to say we are very upset and stressed out about this his job has been the one stable bright spot in our financial life for so long...I'm scared the job market here in Orlando is lousy. We are trying to stay positive and take this one day at a time. My husband has about 10 years left before he could draw social security he has a excellent track record and will get stellar references etc... This company is only offering 4 weeks of severance if you can believe that usually its one week for every year you have worked there.

Well I couldn't sleep or should I say I slept for 7 hours...I am feeling better with regards to my sore neck/shoulder combo I think I slept wrong on it or was tense with my husbands driving home from daddy's...we brought back a washer in our little pick up very tricky driving especially in the mountains.

My weight has already dropped down two pounds yippee! I have been jogging/walking on the treadmill inside every day since I have been back plus my eating has been stellar:) Cutting way down trying to cut out soda especially Pepsi products in light of what they are doing to Constar:(

We (I) am thankful for the advance warning we were given about the situation now its just time to see whats out there and where we will end up nothing is off limits including moving. The one bright spot right now is my eBay business is finally growing and I am making some money which I am SAVING plus we are going into our busy time of year hopefully it is all going to work out. I know God has a plan for us and his hand on us.

Thanks for listening and caring.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back From Vacation

Got back after a long 10 hour drive yesterday was exhausted I slept almost 12 hours last night very unusual for me since entering menopause.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting my dad and his wife Shirley the week went by too fast. I did manage to use my dads treadmill 3 days while I was there.
I tried running on it but the thin air kicked my lungs/butt bad so mostly a lot of walking briskly for about a hour each time.

I tried to eat healthy but that is VERY challenging while on vacation and yep my weight is up some hopefully a temporary situation from being off my usual food and workout schedule.

Today was aggravating at home as well they say it comes in three and I had my three today hopefully things will get better.

Got a good workout in today with a 5 minute jog/ 2 minute walk split plus abs I don't remember exactly how long it was over two miles though...

Turned another year older on October 7th now offically 46 after yesterdays drive I do feel it:)

Will catch up on every bodys blog as I can this coming week thanks for all your support and for stoping by.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying To Kick My Soda Addiction

Are any of you out there like me and love their soda both diet and non-diet? Everyday I have a glass of diet pepsi with lunch then usually in the mid afternoon when the 3:00 energy slump hits I have a glass of sprite mixed with water. I tell myself drinking a regular soft drink with water makes it not so bad for me but deep down I know better.

For 5 or 6 years I had regular soda kicked to the curb then in 2003 while I was working out of my house I started having a little afternoon pick me up with you guessed it regular soda for the sugar hit and to help alleviate the boredom of the job now I don't do that job anymore but....I still have my afternoon soda.

Last week I saw the Dr. Oz show about soda addiction and I am trying his plan to see if I can get soda back out of my life again or at least way down. I know it has empty calories and it raises your odds of getting pancreatic cancer by at least 20%. Yet it is still soooooooo hard to do.

I have already cut way down on the amount I drink plus now I measure it out so I know the calorie load. Yesterday, I tried the selzer water mixed with sugar free cranberry juice boy was it tart tasting...but I got through will see what today brings.

This morning I went out to my park and slogged through 12 laps in the humidty came home and did The Shred so I am working out hard this week so far.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you break this habit and what to put in its place or how you kicked soda to the curb..

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspiring Other People

I was out in my park yesterday to walk with my friend who stood me up so I decided to see if I could still jog especially outside.I walked one lap as a warm up then started jogging for 2 minutes in each lap and walking one minute. I was able to get my 8 laps in 30 minutes which I am very proud of its much harder outside than on my treadie. After that I walked the last 4 laps for a total of 50 minutes.

The best part of it was I met a lady in the park who has seen me out jogging from the road for a while so I inspired her to start coming to the park and walking and so far she has lost 20 pounds and hopes to go off all her meds soon. Moral of the story is you just never know who your gonna inspire...My park can be seen from a major road and I never think other people are watching what I do. Wether we intend to or not, other people do watch what we do especially if we exercise outdoors.

Part of the reason I decided to write a blog was to hopefully encourage others to exercise and eat right but it was really thrilling to meet someone in person and yes I am careful and carry personal protection with me and my cell phone when I am out alone in my park just in case.

Thats all I've got for today till next time. Remember other people watch our example be it good or bad.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maintaining not going forward

I have been getting my exercise in and then some. Latley I have been back to walking with my neighbor in the park behind my house for about a hour a day not faster but definetly longer sessions than when I am by myself.

Today I did the shred level II as long as I am careful about squats and lunges I can do the tape without a problem.

Nothing else is new still hot but not as humid down here. Eating has been so-so could be better could be worse mostly

I am maintaining right now when I am ready to crack down on my eating then the weight will GO.

Thanks to everyone who gave a donation for my Alzheimers walk on Oct 30th it is much appreciated.

Whats new with you? Tell me in the comments..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Need A Cure For Alzheimers

I have signed up to walk and raise money for Alzheimer's research and cure here in Orlando on October 30th.

I am trying to raise a $100.00 for the cause. My beloved aunt Mary just passed away from this dreadful disease in June of this year.

Please if you can spare just 5.00 donate this is a worthy cause and I appreciate any help you can give.

Here is the link to my donation page whatever you give is so appreciated!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Power Walking

Its been a pretty good week here:) My workouts went OK I did something to make my lower back hurt I only lifted weights once. Only jogged on two days the rest of the time I power walked outdoors need to replace my shoes NOW my body is telling me they are worn out which I knew....

Since I last blogged I have started setting time goals for my cardio. I am trying to get 250 minutes done weekly.

Didn't make my time goal this week came close but no cigar.

Weight is holding steady back at 160 again..sigh...been doing my abs and stretches religiously though the back ache is a reminder to do them:)

So 5 days of cardio, 1 weight workout, 3 abs. Total time is 230 minutes short just 20minutes lots of power walking I miss my jogging will get back to it though!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Another Monday

Last week turned out OK after all. I was able to get in 5 hard cardio days with three days of The Shred level II and my eating was back on track with no sweets and no binges! Yeah!!

I bought a copy of Dr. Phil's book for a dollar the Ultimate Weight Solution in there he talks about emotional eating what causes it and of course how to change it...I know the books been out a few years now I'm slow what can I say?

This week is going good so far today I had a great really hard workout I jogged/walked 3 miles plus level II shred. I've started watching level 3 to see whats in store next....

My weight is down to 158.5 which is one pound away from where I maintained my original weight loss for 5 years. I am thinking of taking my weight down just 4 or 5 more pounds and stopping there for a while.

Can't wait to do my measurements next week I think my butt is shrinking my clothes feel loser down there from all those squats and lunges I've been doing.
All else is good for now hope it stays that way. Can you believe Labor day is almost here? Wow the summer went by fast.

Till next time be well and keep working out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heart beats and Calorie tracking

Will beat 126,778 times, pump 1,859 gallons of blood, and push that blood nearly 11,236 miles throughout my body!

Created by

I saw all these different calorie count sites listed on a friends Facebook status and I thought I will check out these different websites. What the sites say and recommend vary wildly! I haven't poked around them much yet:) I really want a site to keep track of my calories that is easy to use? Does one exsist? We will see...

I have 4 sites selected and one asks you to buy a product so that is automatically disqualified I wanted FREE.

The Dailyplate said my calories should be 1860 a day. Sounds reasonable said my weight should be between 114.6-154.9 I would look sick if I ever dropped down to 114.6 not going there...what were they thinking? However that is where I got the cool heart calculator said 1629 should be my calorie count daily in order to lose weight and drop down to 136 by January 16, 2011. I think 136 is way to low and not sustainable to me.

Finally, asks you to buy there down loadable program for 34.95 supposedly it is endorsed by lots of well know websites...I say buyer be ware and what ever happened to free?

Still holding at 158.5 this AM. Yesterday I walked outside in the heat and humidty 12laps around my park came home and worked in my rose garden a while after all I was already sweaty and gross so what the heck. Had a good eating day no binges no urge to binge life is good!

I'll let you guys know what site I decide to use. Do you keep track of your calories online and if so what site do you use?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Question for my readers

I am once again within 10 pounds of being at what the charts say is ideal for my age 46 and height 5'6, however in only 3lbs I will be at a good bmi. I haven't been at the ideal of 148 in 17 years and I couldn't maintain it then so I don't know if I should try to go that low now. Any thoughts?

So far this week I have completed leve one of the Shred once and regular cardio on top of that it is much harder to run after doing the Shred. I'm going to do my cardio first from now on...

Exciting and scarey to be so close to maintence again...till next time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Better end to week!

I'm back on the healthy eating wagon won't you join me? I threw the last of the forbidden junk out on Thursday I believe so I have 3 days of good eating under my belt. I even did a double workout on Thursday. Sunday starts a new workout week...and yeah I am back down in the 150's again...The week ended on a good note!

Oh yeah I saw where Shred II is coming out in September goody...just when I am getting used to being killed with Shred I:)

I'm in a better place mentally and I thought I would share...have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going Backwards

Lately I've been wallowing in my feelings having a pity party with food and I'm up 3 pounds in spite of working out. Been here before recognize this cave I have fallen in to again time to crawl back out.
Usually there are just food stuffs I don't buy EVER like (brownies, cookies, etc) but lately I have been not only buying them and keeping them in the house for my husband and my son but I have been EATING them too!I keep saying this is the last batch I'm gonna bake and not buy anymore boxes of mix. Where is my will power? My self respect? I wonder since I have resisted for so long... maybe that is why feeling deprived but now I have indulged dare I say over indulged its time to STOP before I regain all the ten pounds I worked so hard to get off my body in the first place this time....ugh....

I swear sometimes I feel like a junk food alcholic instead of a alcholic since I don't drink anymore....I think I would be a full blown alcholic if a friend hadn't intervened in my life back in 1994 when I finally quit for good having gained 40 pounds by then though and the weight did not fall off just because I came to my senses and quit drinking.

Have to stop now and get back to my healthy ways. I wrote this not only for me but in hopes it would help others. I'll keep you posted on my progress or lack there of.Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keeping It Simple

I set three goals out to do today and I am happy to report I got'em done! I read Diane's post today at Fit To The Finish and she spoke of the power of three. In stead of three bringing bad luck try to set three goals for yourself everyday and see if you can commit to them and get them done.

My goals today were

1. To exercise for 45 minutes to 1 Hour check got r done

2. Call my dad and check in yep got r done

3. Work on my Internet business stuff got that one done as well.

All this to say its what we do most everyday that shapes our lives and relationships not what we do once n a while.

Lately I have been struggling with the summer time blues I guess not wanting to eat right, exercise, work on my home business, keep house you name it and I haven't felt like it. I'm hoping by keeping it simple that will be a way to move forward.

What goals have you set lately and gotten done?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Double Workout

Well, I started my workout week a day late this week but I made up for it by doing two workouts. First I jogged/walked 3 miles in respectable time then I did level two of the Shred once again, and once again it is still killer hard:)

I saw where the new season of Biggest Loser starts again September 21st! Yeah I miss my Tuesday night show.

Well, I'm bushed and off to read and relax a little bit before turning in.
Hows your August going so far?


Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Is Here

Hello friends welcome to August. Can you believe its August already where has year gone...time is really whipping by I must be getting

Anyway, I just wanted to let all my friends know I got r done this morning it wasn't pretty but I started this month out with a bang! 3+ miles plus abs the most I've done is a while distance wise. I did cardio and the Shred on Friday and my butts still sore:) Starting to get my workout mojo back finally from where I was out for a while being sick...

Can't wait for fall its so hot hazy steamy here feel like a hermit in my house.

Thought I'd share since most of us like BL. Bob Harper is trying to get 15k people subscribed to his youtube channel by 8/6 if he reaches this goal he promised to do a give away...Here's the link:

Today's my dads birthday and I sent a card plus called him this morning but I miss much that I started to think about buying all my favorite binge foods and having a binge for daddy's birthday how about that? I don't think he would approve. Anyway, I didn't do it and I won't but I did have some dark thoughts exercising helped me get over them for today so here to one day at a time and no binges!
Sorry for being so absent will try to do better! Till next time say no to binges.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Its Hot Out!

I'm pretty much back on track from being sick. I walked outside 8 laps in the heat yesterday came home did the low-impact parts of The Shred boy am I sore today!

Today I walked outside too late in the morning for this time of year ugh...I ran into a friend of mine from the neighborhood and walked with her that made it at least bearable.

My left knee is acting ugly it hurts gonna use the RICE method this week and that should make it feel happy again we hope:)

Weight still holding in the 150's I'm trying to get motivated to lose the last 10 pounds once and for all or make peace wher I'm at.

Don't worry I love exercising so I'll always exercise no matter what the weight. Exercise helps keep me saner...

Well its lunch time and I'm off to have my usual turkey sandwhich....til next time try to stay cool. This week should be less stressful daddy went back home and its usually quiet online the last week of the month:)))

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back To Being Me

I'm still here finally well again I think I hope! Finished taking my meds and started working out easy and kinda slowly so far this week.

Sunday and Tuesday were walking in the park days along with bike riding afterwards. Even though it's really muggy here I couldn't stand being cooped up another minute so off I went. 8 laps around equals two miles and two time through my route in the neighborhood equal 3.2 miles so not to bad for a comeback.

Monday I did a short workout on my treadmill and I could tell my fitness level went down some while I was sick and from not running still logged 2+ miles in 35 minutes then a short weight workout plus I've done abs twice.

My dad is down from Alabama finally! hadn't seen him since last fall. I can tell he's been through a lot. Mostly we've been having a good visit he came over on Tuesday morning at 6 am and stayed for 3 hours and we talked about family issues and general stuff it was quite a what we call "A come to Jesus moment" I cried some he looked like he wanted to but didn't after all he's a man...My dad has been very hard on me and critical of me because I never told him about my depression and anxiety issues somehow I thought he could tell something was wrong with me but he said not he just thought I was lazy and didn't want to work a "real" job that blows me away that he could think like that about his own daughter very upsetting! He called me twice yesterday and on the last call I had a brownie binge with milk to calm my nerves...I love him hes my dad but he presses all my buttons! I told my husband this morning that if I was alcholic he would have to commit me or make sure I got to meetings again, since I'm way under and off the wagon right now....

I'm well again and I hope things calm down in the family and this too shall pass as my momma used to say...In the mean time today's a new day and I know better so I shall do better about my food choices and amounts...Todays workout done! Cardio plus the Shred and eating is good so far!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Feeling Like Crap

I'm still feelin crappy and coughing, blowing crud up yuck!!! Probably gonna stay in my jammies and watch tv and feel bad today:(

Went to docs yesterday got meds had a fever didn't know it:) whine whine whine....

I miss my MOMMY! Isn't that how we all feel when were sick?

Starve a cold feed a fever? So far this thing hasn't affected my appetite especially for my favorite comfort foods. I'm the only person I know who can run a fever and gain weight:(

I'm not sitting a my computer much right now so I'll have to catch up on my blog reading later....

Stay well don't me like me

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its Offical I'm Sick!

Sinus infection sucks went to doctor have fever:( went to CVS got RX's

Hopefully now I will get rid of this blasted headache and feel better!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Colds

I'm feeling kinda like I'm coming done with a cold or getting a sinus infection darn it feel kinda yucky. If its not better soon will see the doctor.

My dad is coming for a visit this weekend and I haven't seen him since last fall when I had my surgery and needless to say I didn't enjoy the visit being operated on...

I've got two workouts in so far this week will have to see how I feel the rest of the week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Checkin In

July is going OK nothing to brag about though....back down to 158 this am thank God!

Takin it a little easier no Shred lately just the basics of jog/walk or walk outside when the humidty is down enough and abs of course.

Food has been better cleaner with no binging or eating brownies etc...

Mostly I have been at my computer long hours doing listings since there is a sale on for sellers at eBay to list for free pay only if it sells...thats my life update for now.

How is your July going so far as we head to mid month already?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Wagon

Last week I ended up working out 4 days which isn’t too bad just not my usual 5:)

This week so far I ran/walked inside on Sunday 2+ miles, then yesterday I did a easy outdoors walk of two miles with 20 minutes of biking afterwards.

Now I just have to quit baking brownies and buying pies. I don’t know why exactly but when I get in the 150′s I feel nervous or weird about it but I do then I self sabotage. I know most of you reading this can relate all I can say is I am working on it. I fall off the wagaon I get back on the wagon currently back on with a two pound weight gain back to 160:( ugh now I have to relose back down again.

That's it for now till next time....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Still Not Feeling It

I've taken a couple of days off in a row in the middle of my workout week since I just wasn't feeling it and now I feel a little bit better workout will resume soon. Weight is fine holding steady at 158 when I don't work out I really watch what goes in my mouth like a hawk:)

I saw this report on Yahoo this morning and thought I would share in case you missed it. Here is the link

Its very interesting a study done over 2 years with all kinds of diets the calorie level being 1200 a day and they all lost about the same amount of weight. I guess it really is about calorie in versus calorie out:)

Happy Fourth of July to all in the US who celebrate.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I don't Wanna!

This week has been such a pain in the butt! I can't seem to find my exercise groove. I have been doing really short workouts because I can't make myself do the usual...sigh. maybe I need a easy week I don't know?

Anyway, Sunday I did 2 miles plus the shred its getting easier to do:)
Monday I walked/jogged 1 mile indoors then went outside to my park for another mile then is so hot and muggy outside right now yuck!
Tuesday I got two miles on the treddie done barely though then I biked for 12 minutes the I was done:)

Eating is good weight is staying down at 157.5 just my workout mojo is off for some reason or other. I feel fine just have a case of the I don't wanna's.

What do you do when you have the I don't wanna exercise blues?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Huffing and Puffing but got it done!

Briefly I did the Shred for the third time this week after having already walked jogged 3 miles so I am pretty tired this evening but proud of my workout week. My clothes feel loser on the lower half hopefully some inches gone around the hips, abs,butt wont know till next Thursday when a new month starts and I do measurements again.

This summer is already starting to fly by..

I was standing at Walmarts in there DVD section today looking to see what other torture I could find and another lady came up looking at the workout DVDs.I asked her if she does any Jillian Michaels stuff she said yes and told me The Shred isn't her hardest DVD that's hard to believe but now I am curious to find out so I may end up getting her other two DVDs. The lady said her No More Trouble Zones was harder and the title to the other video is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism the deadly trio I guess:)

It should be noted that I am not on purpose endorsing Jillian Michaels or her message or her supplements etc. I just needed another trainer to give me a kick in the butt to get out of my comfort zone. I don't especially like her personality especially now that I have let her push me through hard workouts. Also, I think shes dangerously close to being to thin but every body has to make up their own mind and find what works for them just be careful what you pick.

Eating started out good this week then it went down hill and got so-so weight is hanging in there between 157-159. Been getting my 3 veggies in and most days my water my down fall was I gave in to my sweet tooth that was purely stress related.

Its about dinner time here so gotta get going until next time be good:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shreded Again:)

Well as you might of guessed I completed the Shred dvd for the third time today. Didn't want to die, but according to my husband I sounded like I was giving birth, but until he gets of his butt and tries this dvd I don't want to here it plus I had already walked/jogged 3 miles before hand so yep Im feeling worked out good:)

My workout week so far: Sun cardio plus The Shred
Mon outside 8 laps almost blew it off
Tuesday 3 miles plus the 20 min Shred dvd

Eating is Ok getting my veggies, fruit and water in daily. My oven part of my stove died the other day very annoying we have to order a part for it.

I guess that is it for now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good News

Very quickly just wanted to let you guys know I saw 157.5 on the scale this morning for the first time in I don't remember how many years its been!!!!!

Not really doing anything different that I can think of off hand. I did my cardio last week 4x regularly with one day of the shred and no other weight lifting.

My eating has been OK nothing out of the usual. Who Knows? Does it matter why? how? I got here? Maybe it does so I can keep doing what is working....

Anyway, just wanted to share good news for a change. Any ideas or thoughts to share about this please leave a comment so I know you came by:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fridays Weekly Wrap Up

Before I get to my weekly wrap up I just wanted to show you my lighter side. These are my newest Starbuck bearista bears babies. Some of the duplicates will be sold but the ones I love I am keeping!

This week went by really fast! I managed to accomplish my goals and I even went down half a pound! yippee!

I worked out to Jillian Michael's The Shred on Wednesday on level 1 and it kicked my butt hard! Its much harder to work out for time instead of just sets and reps. Everyday but Wednesday I jogged/walked inside on my treadmill its just too hot and muggy right now to be out in it.

My eating was pretty good this week on the veggies 3 a day most days,and the water 64oz again, most days I got it done! All in all a good week and my shoulder/arm seem to be back to normal:)

Today at a garage sale I bought a nice Proform upright exercise bike for $10.00. I just stumbled on it the bike needs new batteries then hopefully it will work. Other than food I'm not buying nothin else till I sell a bucket load of stuff my house used to organized and never cluttered but now it is cluttered with my eBay stuff!

I've been busy listing this week so I haven't had as much time to read blogs so I'll ask here. How was your workout week? What are you most happy about?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long Hot Summer Challenge Update

The challenge has really helped me keep focus on eating well getting in my veggies and water daily along with the exercise. This week so far so good!

Sunday 2 miles plus abs and bike ride
Monday 2 miles and some light lower body work
Tuesday 3 miles done hard plus abs

This is gonna be short and sweet got up at 5:30 today so I am ready to go read something for fun for a while and turn in.

3 down and 2 to go how's your workout week going so far?

More later...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Workouts and Shopping Trips

From my workout notebook

Sun was a PR of sorts for me 3 miles in 39:42 plus abs
Total on Sunday was 61:01 minutes 4.20 miles I don't believe the calorie counts on my treadmill but I wish it were true:)
Mon: Total 48:00 3.15 miles
Tue: 35:04 time, 2.27 miles, abs, bike riding outside for 1/2 hour as well
Wed:48:01 3.35 miles
Thurs outside in my park 10 laps, abs, approx. 2.50 miles very hot humid miles:)

My weight is holding steady at 159 which is down from 162.

Eating was pretty good last week no notable slips, Water was better, met my goal of three veggies most days.

Sadly no weight training due to my strained arm/shoulder its feeling lots better so maybe this week I can ease back into it. I bought Jillian's Shred DVD the other day can't wait to use it so the arm/shoulder thingy has to get better I figured out it might be my office chair that was causing all the misery it didn't have a arm rest and I was holding my arm at a funny angle for long periods of time lately due to all my listing online.

That's it for me on the workout/eating front now on to the good stuff. I went shopping Thursday had a blast spent money on my "wants" instead of needs and it felt so good. First off I replaced my mouse on my computer it was shot so my first stop was Office Max for that I had a $10.00 gift card. Ross is right next door so I went browsing over there. Let me tell you I don't usually like shopping/browsing but my inner shopper was out. I must have tried on every sandal in the store...I credit Shelly for that finally I did get a pair. Also, got little earring studs to wear for "every day".

After that store I went off to my super Walmart where I grocery shop but as you all know they having everything under the sun. So again I went browsing first stop was makeup. I quit wearing it every day years ago but my husband said the other day I was a girl that looked good "plain" that pissed me off! So I decided not to be plain anymore.I bought fresh foundation, mascara, a lipstick and three nail polishes that were cheap under a dollar each. After that I went to the workout DVD section bought The Shred by Jillian Michael's for something different to do. Also, picked up a new table cloth for $5.00. Finally, I bought groceries and at the checkout I picked up a copy of Shape and Oprah usually I never buy magazines but I was mad at my husband so I bought some stuff for ME!

Last night on eBay I bought 3 lots of Starbucks Bearista Bears they are so cute and I do love them that is a total of 12 bears, two monkies, 1 reindeer, they were cheap enough its the shipping that gets you.I sold one last year and I shouldn't have because I ended up wanting to buy her back plus more!Now my inner shopping vixen is leashed again.

I admit that I usually never buy myself any thing I want but don't need out of some sense that I am not worthy or somehow I am less than because I don't have a job outside the sad is that?

Lessons learned:number one is don't shop when mad at husband lol two, sometime's buy yourself a small treat or there's gonna be a buying binge somewhere down the road. Luckily we had the extra. I manage the money and savings which includes what I make in sales sometimes its really hard living on one income thus comes the deprivation mode of only buying needs maybe some day I will "feel" strong enough emotionally to work outside the house but for now I am doing online sales from home.

No pictures today but when my bears get here if anyone is interested I will post pics of them. We all know what makeup, nail polish, DVDs, magazines look like. I might paint my piggies today and post a pic of my new sandals then...

What do you do when your mad at your husband or partner?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Wrap up plus pics

Went outside today and walked ten laps in 45 minutes in the hot sticky humidity that is Florida right now. Am I glad I got r done? You bet now I can put my workout week to bed:) Completed a total of 15+ miles now weight workouts due to shoulder bother me abs were done 3x.

As promised pictures of me whole body pictures at that:) Thanks for all your support and for those of us going through a hard season due to a death of a family member, or a breakup or job troubles whatever it may be please remember that this hard time won't last forever but tough people do last lean on your faith, your friends & family and of course your bloggy friends. That's all the wisdom I have for today...feel free to email me or friend me on Facebook.

I'm contemplating my non-food reward for all my hard work this week have to keep the dollar amount to around $5.00 a cheap treat any ideas?

Till next time....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesdays Quick Check In

Got R done today and it wasn't pretty. I do have pics but no time right now to upload gotta get supper going I'm running behind yet again:(

Anyway, I wanted to report that I walked ran 3 miles inside today then I biked outdoors 3 miles today shoulder/arm still a little sore still babying it this is getting old fast:( Still at 159 workouts are going well just one day left this week yah!! Eating has been going really well I keep expecting to see another drop in the weight on the scale hopefully soon!

I saw on another blog yesterday a cool site called check it out its about your health sponsored by the American Cancer Society I believe

Also, if your looking for new books to read which I almost alway am. I read so much my favorite authors can't keep up. I subscribed to this free service offered by my library but it is also available on line so check it out www. if you love to read you won't be sorry. I get short 5 minute previews Mon-Fri on three different types of books such as "good news" "regular fiction" "mystery" anyway, have some fun with it you won't be disappointed.

Pictures tomorrow. Have a great Wedneday night....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picture Edition With A Tuesday Update Enjoy!

Well the top picture should be pretty obvious I was a 'Sweaty Mess" from my 35:04 minute mostly jog in my overly hot living room this afternoon!!
This week so far Sun totals 61.01 minutes 4.20 miles, Mon totals 43.09 minutes total of 3 miles, Today Tuesday 35:04 for a total of 2.27, Abs done twice still no weight lifting arm still sore.

Included in the pictures are the tree that throws a fit. We think it is called a Ash tree but not really sure of that name.

Finally, What is growing in my rose garden now.....Enjoy!

Thanks for all your kind words about my new do! Yes, I do feel like a "new" women:) its a good thing and I don't miss my long hair at all. I got used to having pony tale bands on my wrists and now there is no need for them so today I got a cheap bangle and a silver braclet.

I'll take a picture and put it in my next blog must save something for next time...

Hope you having a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Theres No Finish Line

As you may or may not know I joined Biz's summer challenge and it is helping to keep me motivated to work out when I don't "want" to! I think last week was successful I've gotten back into the 150's again thankfully and now I will keep it going down I hope.

I've been working out for the last 13 years pretty steadily. I joined a gym in March of 1997 and it took me about six months to get hooked on exercise but I did eventually get hooked so much so I decided to become a personal trainer.

What I have come to know is that there really is no end to the fitness journey even after you reach your weight loss goal number. You have to keep doing your exercises and you have to be mindful and careful of your eating. Originally, I lost 40 pounds and kept it off until my mom died in 2004 over the next year I let my weight creep up 10 pounds. I was so numb and disconnected for a while there. Then I got comfortable with the weight gain and saw that I wasn't going to regain the other thirty pounds I had lost so I accepted my new higher weight until last fall.

Once I made the decision to have the hysterectomy I knew I had to get the extra weight back off again and I am down to 159 as of today from 168.5 in October of last year. It was so much harder to start losing weight again this time being in my 40's and in menopause now but I am here to say it is doable hard but doable.

After I read Shelly's and Lori's blog today I wanted to put my two cents in about long term weight loss success since they were pondering whether they would regain all the weight they have lost. I don't think it is inevitable as long as you keep living the way you lived to lose the weight. That is not to say that you can't eat a tiny bit more calorie wise but you have to keep up with your exercise. For example: If I want to lose weight I have to do cardio about a hour a day 5 days a week maintenance for me is 45 minutes. Oh yeah, this time around I am weight lifting a couple of days a week as well. I have discovered I look better toned than wrinkly....LOL

Last Saturday I was out garage sailing and thrift store shopping and I lifted a bunch of boxes with china and books and now my right arm, shoulder, forearm hurt. I am hoping this is just sore muscles and not a re injury to a old shoulder injury of mine.

My workout week so far: Sunday 4 miles and Monday 3 miles, I have been meeting my goals of 3 veggies a day, 2 fruits, and water as well, as low fat balanced eating. I won't do weight lifting on my upper body until this soreness leaves hopefully in the next day or two I could go lightly...

Check out this blog if you haven't already she has a "Real Food Boot Camp" going. This is very well done with shopping list, prep instructions and 3 recipes. Not many followers yet check her out and leave a comment we all need support. Its harder to be a blogger than one would think.

If your on Facebook and would like to "friend" me look up Susan Calderon you will see my profile pic from here there.

The summer challenge has challenged me to be a better blogger as well!
Till next time


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Before And After Photos

I got a MAJOR haircut and color today:) so I thought I would post before and after pictures for you to enjoy.

Day two of the summer challenge is going well:) Cardio done today 2 miles hard. Eating is good so far.

Almost can't wait to go jogging again with my new lighter hair do! Until tomorrow..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Joined The Summer Challenge

As many of you have heard Biz over at other wise known as The Biggest Diabetic Loser is hosting a summer challenge for the blogging community. Thanks Biz! I decided to join in order to stay motivated and hopefully to lose this last 10+ blasted pounds!!

Also Helen at is having a great give away of some really great weight loss and cook books. If you haven't checked it out please do so.

My May results were abysmal no changes inch or pound wise. I take that back I hit 158for a brief shiny day or two last week but I wasn't careful and I have bounced back up:(

While I was jogging this morning inside on my treadmill I had a light bulb moment so to speak. I feel guilty about some issues inside my marriage, and I have been eating junk with my husband to make myself feel better. The comfort of emotional eating never lasts especially when you see the scale bounce back up not slide.

I didn't make these problems by myself and it will take both of us to fix it or not but either way I have to make peace with myself you know? I love my husband with all my heart and we have been married for 13 years this last February 22 but the years have taken there toll on our love life if you know what I mean. Plus, I had a hysterectomy last October to keep from getting cancer and after wards my sex drive was GONE. After 7 months its still not back and I take hormone replacement therapy via a patch but I still have no sex drive....luckily for me my husbands sex drive is low too...This drought is now 8 months old the longest dry spell that we have had in our relationship ever!!

How we feel about ourselves as people has a direct bearing on our ability to focus on proper eating and exercise. I feel better already having just vented about the issues guilt is a killer for sure! Ugh.....

Going forward I am going to make sure I eat the way I know I need to for me. As for the rest both my husband and I will have to make a plan for change.

On the bright side of things today has been a good day food and exercise wise! Here's to a great June! Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Got To Get Better Soon!

Have to admit that I have been very upset still about my dad. I talked with him on Saturday at length about his health issues got upset cried...It was awful...I was awful I think I made him feel bad without meaning too we ended on a I love you daddy I said and he said I love you too baby....Today he was having a colonospcy however you spell it haven't heard anything yet if they don't call soon I will call him and check tonight.

Tonight's the Biggest Loser Finale:) I like all 4 of the finalist. I voted for Daris to be in the final 3...I hope he wins:)

My weight is up 1.5 pounds:( If I was a alcoholic I would think it was time to get to a meeting! I baked a certain yummy substance and got into the batter plus ate some of the baked goods temporary comfort at best. Sigh. When will I ever learn?

I am back to my clean eating as of Sunday but my body is still punishing me mean ol scaly monster!! I have jogged/walked 9 miles so far this week with one full body workout and 2 ab days so we shall see.

Thanks for listening to me whine, complain, and sigh it has got to get better soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sandwhich Generation

Thank you for all the thoughtful advice and caring. For now I am sitting tight here at home. Trouble always comes in three's why is that? Anyway, my husband is going through a rough time with his job situation and my son is having a rough time right now as well so I really need to here unless the situation drastically changes for the worse plus I talk with daddy often.

I had a really hard workout today done inside on my treadmill. I set some Pr's with my jogging. The best one being getting to three miles under 40 minutes. Plus I was able to do upper body again along with abs. So tomorrow will be my fifth workout day for the week then I am done.

Thanks again for all the support you guys are the very best!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to do? Please Help

I'm very stressed out right now. I just found out late yesterday that my dad had a mini-stroke last Thursday. He sounded just like his "usual" self on the phone. This time he had no lasting damage.
He said the episode happened at breakfast last Thursday all of a sudden he couldn't get his left arm to do what he wanted and some other symptoms. He lives out in the boonies in Alabama so his wife drove him to the nearest emergency room and he was checked out pretty throughly but they don't know where the clot is/what caused the minor stroke. The doctors say this is a warning that a major stroke could happen.

I am a big daddys girl always have been.I am very torn right now about staying here at home and talking to him pretty much daily or getting in my truck and driving up there asap 12 hours away plus $$ that are hard to come by money is tight or finding the funds and flying.

Do I go or sit tight? What would you do? Please let me know TODAY if at all possible.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday A Favorite Poem Of Mine

Inspired by Katie J today I decided to post one of my favorite poems and it isn't even sad it just about life lessons we all have to learn!

After A While

Author: Veronica A. Shoffstall

After a while
you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul
and you learn love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't always mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't always promises
and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and and your eyes ahead with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child.
And you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.
After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much
So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers
And you learn that you really can endure, that you really are strong and you really do have worth and you learn and you learn
with every good-bye you learn.

Hope your having a great weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Not As Planned

The best laid plans going a stray is how my workout week went. I pulled/strained a muscle in my upper back on Monday. The soreness didn't show up until late Tuesday and all day Wednesday it hurt. I rested it and took Aleve and now it feels fine. I am not sure at all how I did it so I will have to be really careful next time out on weight lifting.

I was able to complete my 5 days of cardio this week my jogging just seems to be getting better and better. Most days I just jogged most of 2 miles. Thursday I did 3 miles a mixture of both walking and jogging.

I can fit into size 10 shorts now they are still a little snug but I should be able to be comfortable in them hopefully before the summer is done.

I caught my reflection in my glass door as I was watering yesterday and I liked what I saw for a change. 8+ pounds down again is a big change on this body can't wait to see what size I eventually get into with another 12 down.

Have a great weekend and smile back at yourself when you see your reflection:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a very lovely time yesterday with my son Chris. We hung out and watched Iron Man the movie. He brought me flowers and a lovely card.

Saturday I toiled in my front yard pulling weeds out of the flower bed for an hour and a half very stiff when I woke up yesterday. Speaking of yesterday didn't much want to work out but I made myself anyway:)Jogged 4 laps and walked 4 laps then rode my bike for half and hour and did abs.

Today was a personal best for me! Jogged all but one lap out of 10! Completed my two miles in about 27 minutes I've never jogged this long before without having to walk some in between. Came home completed my whole body weight workout routine very tough after all that joggin in the heat:)

Bought some resistance tubes at Walmart the other day to supplement the upper body workouts there are some moves you can't do with free weights.I'm not sure I'm gonna like them I'll let you know.

Mothers day is bitter sweet for me with my mom being gone. My son brought over a book bag type thing that she had made and he came across it and gave it to me yesterday. Very sweet and touching...I miss my mom...

Well, I hope you guys are getting your cardio and weight training in you know summers all most here! I'm trying to do boot camp days 3x this week join me won't you?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fitness Blogging Resumes

I have been busy doing my new weight lifting routine and thought I would share it with you all! I have lost inches overhaul doing this twice a week plus my daily cardio 5 times a week.

Now don't hate me but I am a certified personal trainer who currently works out at home and not the gym! This can be modified to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level. If you don't currently lift weights I would suggest easing into it. Constructive feedback is always welcome:)

I do the lower body part first and as a circuit without stopping until all exercises are done rest for a minute then do it again for a total of 3 sets 10-12 reps each.
Ball Squats or just use a wall or chair to help with balance

Side lunges I hold weights in each hand helps with balance

Standing side leg raises don' raise leg past point of comfort

Standing leg kicks behind again don't go past the point of comfort

Dead lifts-picking up a pair of weights off the floor and bringing them up to your knees and repeating. (helps with flexibility in your hamstring and lower back)

Seated Leg extensions holding a weight on top of your leg. I currently use 8 lbs but you can use more of less depending on your fitness level and goals.

Upper Body:
I do these as a superset which is advanced somewhat but easy to get used to and very time efficient.
I also use 3 sets of free weights but anyone NEW to weight lifting I would advise starting out with light weights maybe only doing one set and working on your form then add to so you don't get to sore and quit. I use 5, 8, 10 pound free weights. First set is 12 reps, Second set is 10 reps, Third set is 8 reps. There are many ways you can combine these exercises these are just a few of my favorites there are several sites on the Internet where you can find proper form if your not familiar with the moves.

Chest Presses and Chest Flyes

Tricep Extensions and Tricep Kickbacks

Back: Seated Bent over flyes: Your seated and you put your chest on your lap and your arms go behind you knees bring your weights out to the side and squeeze your should blades together then go back down and do more repetitions. This will help get rid of your bra strap flap:)
One armed rows

Shoulders: Should Press, Shoulder Side lateral raises

Biceps: Bicep Curls and Hammer Curls

Don't forget to stretch out afterwards so you not to sore...Try it out and let me know if you like it. I have lost a inch off my biceps, and chest, 3.5 inches off my waist, 2.5 inches of my hips, 1.5 inches off my thighs all since I started doing this regularly at the end of January....

If you have questions please ask here in the comments or at

Happy Weight Lifting!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Search

I am sharing in the hopes of helping others who are searching for their identity and their birth families lost through adoption. There will be three parts to this post as I think it is the best way to break it down and I'll warn you now there is no happy ending but I am stronger and still standing for having searched. What shapes us inside has a lot to do with our weight and fitness journeys....this is hard to type so wish me luck.

Early Years of my Life:
I grew up knowing that I was adopted. One of my earliest memories is of me saying that I was my daddy's adopted "angel" I am not sure how old I am in that memory but young 5 or 6 ish. I was lucky in that my parents wanted me and loved me and they took very good care of me. I had a great childhood up until I was 11 years old then my mom had a massive stroke that completely changed her personality she was in the hospital for 6 months having to relearn everything walking talking how to feed herself just everything that you and I take for granted.

After she came home she was partially paralyzed and walked with a limp didn't have use of her right arm anymore she was a completely different person and we didn't get along for many years but that is another post. Once I entered my teenage years being adopted meant something different to me. I wandered who do I look like? basic stuff that people who grow up in there biological families take for granted. I began to feel like I didn't fit in my family anymore and this is when I first started to have weight issues. My parents refused to discuss this with me when I was a rebellious teenager. I was scared I would fall in love with my "brother" without knowing it stuff like that.

I got married the first time at 21 and had a baby at almost 25. That was so exciting to finally have someone who looked like me! My son has my heart shaped face and the shape of his fingers and toes and head are mine as well. He is skinny by some fluke:)

The Search
Skipping ahead to when I turned 40 being adopted and not knowing about my biology really began to bother me a lot not just when by birthday rolled around. I made the decision to search for my birth family. It seemed so easy with the advent of the Internet but it was not easy at all the more I looked for my birth mom the more painful it became to see that no one was looking for me. About this time life got in the way with home life, job, my mom getting sick so I had to stop for a few years.

Then in 2007 I paid the Children's Home Society 500.00 for my non-id information and to search for her and to let her know I was open to contact. Florida is a closed adoption state and my adoption was handled through this agency so they hold all the answers just so you know the process. The agency sent me paper work to fill out and have notarized and then they had to look in the archives for my information. It took three long weeks to get my non-id information back. Every day while I was waiting I would rush out to the mailbox hoping for "the letter" Finally it arrived and I had some basic information like nationality, where I get my height a little bit about her family, not much at all about the birth family just some really vague information about him his physical characteristics education etc.

The Results:
Once I got the non-id I had to call my searcher and give the go ahead to contact her. The agency sent her a letter around Christmas time that year and there was no answer. So they sent her another more strongly worded letter and my birth mom called and spoke with my searcher.
My birth mom was upset at having been "found" after all these years she said she felt her rights had been violated. In 1964 she was told by the social worker to forget about me to forget that she had given birth. They were cruel to the birth moms back then I think. Back to my story, my searcher explained that I needed updated medical information for health reasons and if she wouldn't give them to her I could sue her to get her to disclose this information so she reluctantly gave me the information I needed and it was shocking! (You have to try to prepare yourself for whatever you may find out)

Even though the info was shocking it helped me to make sense of my life issues. My birth moms mom was a alcholic who committed suicide the year after I was born. My birth mom herself had a hysterectomy at 26 due to cervical cancer, she has been married three times. I don't know if I have siblings but I hope I do:) Her dad died of lung cancer but was a heavy smoker and I don't smoke never have or drink anymore I quit back in 1994 before it got completely out of control. I fell in love with a alcholic though....those are the some of the shocking highlights though if you have questions email me at

Even though I have let this drop for now its not over and it will never be over until one of us dies. In my heart I keep hoping she will change her mind and contact me though the agency. My searcher said due to her age she was 60 and life circumstances she hasn't told her family now that I exist that is probably why she wasn't open to contact.

I don't regret the search it was some of the best money I ever spent.... I may try again I'm not going away!! I am strong, resilient with a great support system.. I hope this helps someone out there please let me know if it does or contact me with questions....til later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Give You Roses Enjoy!

My favorite rose bush to see in the mornings!

Above photo shows my pink, yellow, red rose bushes

My Star Red Rose Bush
What do roses and weight loss and fitness have to do with each other you might ask? They both take a lot of work and dedication and perseverance and sometimes when your strategy isn't working you have to change it.
This is the highlight in my rose garden right now I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what I see out my patio door....have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Decade Dawns

Well, I finally saw 159.5 this morning!!! It has been so long since I last saw this number that I don't remember the last time it was just that it has been years. Anyway, I'm very happy and excited to say the least its been a long time coming!

All else in my world is good as well. I'm happy to report and happy today.

Today is really short and sweet and I have pictures of my roses to post just not the time right this second but I will post them probably tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If Its Not Broke Don't Fix It!

This morning I am hovering right at 160! So close to finally getting back down to my original weight loss weight of 157. I may lose down to 148-150. For a healthy BMI my weight need to be at 155 just five pounds from here.

When I am feeling non-depressed I exercise in the normal range so I have cut back the amount of cardio I was doing to "normal" amounts and it is working. Just 35-45 minutes 5 days a week it feels good to not be a slave to exercise!

I've been lifting weights two times a week lately along with trying to flatten my abs down further 3x a week. I'm beginning to think the only way to get them flatter will be to get a tummy tuck and I read on a blog how painful that is plus you have to self pay:(

Been doing yard work lately, plus I find I'm not hibernating as much all this to say my depression seems to be in check!!!!!!!!

My rose garden is going to be outstanding this year and yes I will take pictures to show you guys. I have one bush right now with over 20 blooms fixing to open:)

Its time to get breakfast and get a move on my day till next time ...............

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slip that leads to a Binge

I had a bit of a slip over the last weekend not with candy but a couple of other foods (desserts) that I don't normally eat because just like most of you I can't stop at one piece or slice....and I was doing so well too!! down to 160.5 for about three days b-4 the weekend. In the after math my weight jumped up 2 pounds now mind you I am hoping(praying) this is a temporary regain and will be gone again in a few days...

Sunday I started my workout week like usual, then Monday was normal for me and then along came today where I did my usual cardio first thing in the morning while walking outside I saw my over grown bushy hedges and decided to be super woman and cut hedges for a hour and a half!! If I didn't lift weights on my upper body pretty regularly I don't think I could of done this at all!! It was so hard doing all the cutting on the plants and then the bagging up the debris just about did my back in...(I have a bad lower back in spite of all my ab exercise! dammit!)

Hopefully I will still be able to walk and bend a little bit tomorrow then all my hard work will be worth it and my over indulgences hopefully will be gone soon. Lesson learned don't bake the stuff, don't buy the stuff to bake!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Week

I am feeling much better today since I finally slept the night through last night which is such a relief from being sleepless in the middle of the night hopefully this is a new positive trend.

Back to exercising at full steam. Sunday was a 8 lap around the park then home to do weight training and abs. Yesterday was 4 miles on my treadmill for about a hour total then today was 35 minutes on the treadmill. This afternoon I pulled weeds for a half and hour in my rose garden then went for a half hour bike ride through the neighborhood it was very breezy out there!

Tonight I am getting ready to tape The Biggest Loser this way I can watch it without all the annoying commercials and go through any annoying parts gotta love the fast forward button!

On Thursday of last week I dropped down to 161.5 which is down a half pound. Not much but better than a gain any day.

At the moment not much else is going on so I'll check back in later this week! Thanks for all your support and stoping by....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on my Depression

Still here, feeling better during the days but still having some trouble staying asleep at night...

I notice that I have more energy to do things during the day and my moods are getting slowly better and this after only one week back on the medicine. I find that I am not procrastinating about doing things as much.

While out on my walk in the park today I found myself thinking that I felt happy for the first time in a long time! I noticed that the squirrels were playing in the trees and the grass is starting to green up again not only am I starting to come back to feeling alive but nature is also!

Feeling isolated lately but today I asked my neighbor for help and received it. We are down to one car right now so my husband has mine so he can get to his job. I am stuck at home until we can get the other car fixed:( Anyway, my neighbor took to me to the grocery store and we had a great girl chat depression is much more common than you think or at least I think its sad how so many of us suffer from it and isolate ourselves because we "feel" different from every one else.

Thats my update for now nothing very exciting but ordinary is good too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Managing Depression

Since 1998 I have struggled with Depression off and on sometimes with medicine to help and sometimes not.

The first depressive episode was very scary for me my life was out of control. Not to mention I was out of control with crying jags, rage episodes, sleeping too much or not enough, & exercising too much. I was able to get the help I needed and go on a anti-depressant, and a anti-anxiety med for about a year I think they literally saved my life!

I fell back into depression last fall right before I had surgery. I had started on meds and had to go off for the surgery and I should have started taking them again but I didn't. I got out of the habit so these last few months I haven't been functioning well. I made the choice to start taking the meds again late last week so I am coming up on a week of medicine and my moods are better. I can see the funny side of things again. I am hoping to feel more productive as well. I just want my "normal" life back where I can concentrate, and enjoy everyday things like being out among people and be pleasant to be around.

I'm sharing my painful depression in the hopes of encouraging any one who reads this and might be suffering too get help. Depression is very treatable with proper diagnosis and medications and sometimes talk therapy helps too...There is a test you can take over at Web Md to see if you have full blown depression or not.

Keep good thoughts for me please that the medicine will do its job and I will be back to my "normal" self soon....till next time.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Past Week In Review

This past week flew by fast for me I felt strong and healthy for a change (something I am grateful for)

Sunday was a indoors workout for 49 minutes 3.13 total miles
Monday was outdoors 8 laps around in 35 minutes
Tuesday was back indoors 64:28 minutes total 4.06 miles
Wednesday 8 laps outdoors again for 35 minutes
Thursday 35 minutes inside for a total of 2.25 miles plus abs and weight workout. I know I did weights twice last week I just forgot to log it down ugh!!

This week I started off today Sunday for a total of 61:36 minutes & 4:06 miles plus ab work. I'm going to try and make this a hard workout week and see if I can get the scale to go below 162. I've only been here for a week so my body is not used to it yet and its been a few years since I've been this low. So hoping to get into size 10 jeans/shorts soon since my 12 jeans are baggy.

That's all for now I appreciate all your kind words on my efforts till next time....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sundays Workout

Well I woke up feeling great today such a nice change:) After breakfast I got 2 miles of the walk/jog done and then walked another mile for a total of 3 then I did my weight routine and abs.

I am off to a good start for this upcoming week still holding at 162 so close to the 150's again.

I've been chanting to myself lately I'm not gonna sabotage this, I'm not gonna sabotage this, I"m not going back up I"m not I'm not.....only time will tell but I have been eating fairly clean lately with no treats it helps if I just don't start in with them....then I don't have to worry about "controlling" the uncontrollable....

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week In Reveiw

It was the week of the headaches.Five days this last week I have had sinus pain and today I had a whopper of a migraine come on this morning I took something for it right away and it knocked me out for a while but at least the pain is gone and no sinus pain to take its place thank God.

I worked out 5 days this last week Mon-Fri but I cut my mileage and time way down it was a easy week which I needed after a hard month last month.I completed not quite 13 miles down from a high of 18 last month. Most days just 35 minutes yesterday was an hour in the morning I felt better but went down hill yesterday afternoon.

Believe it or not I am down another 1/2 pound so far I really may see the 150's by the end of this month I'm crossing my fingers.

Here's hoping no more headaches of any kind. Have a great weekend. Its sunny and mild here so I may go for a stroll to enjoy some sun and a little exercise!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taking It Easy

I'm taking it a little easier than usual this week still not at the top of my game with my workouts. Today it is cold and breezy here so I did a 33 minute workout inside on the treadmill(dreadmill) The other two days this week I walked in my favorite park in all the world for 8 laps both days.

My mileage is way down for now due to sniffles and trying to stay uninjured.

I finally got back down to 162.5 again it had bounced back up to 164 when I "celebrated" my anniversary with way to much food. I don't know why exactly but when I get to this weight I start to self sabotage some this time I am aware of the tendency and fighting it with all my might!

I guess that's my official mid week report for now stay warm and well where you are:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

I spent last Friday, Saturday, Sunday on my couch with a terrible sinus headache, and aches all over. I felt terrible and yes I took Sudafed and Advil each day however I can't take too much Sudafed it makes me jittery and does a number on my blood pressure! Urgh....

Today I woke up feeling much better (normal) whatever that is:) I looked outside and it was sunny and beautiful so I bundled up and headed to my favorite park behind my house and walked 8 laps around the park trail which too about 35 minutes. This was so good for my soul to get out of my house, too feel the sun on my face, saw great big fluffy white clouds, a few squirrels. I was disappointed that I didn't run into any of my friends that walk outside I guess they weren't feeling brave it was still in the 40's which is cold for us but there was no breeze (thank God) the wind goes right through you! I"m not sure it counts as cardio but it made me "feel" better!

I put in a hard effort last month I really cranked up the miles and lost a couple of pounds along the way and proved to myself that I can do 1 hour of cardio most days and not die from the effort. Oh yeah, speaking of things that die my heart rate monitor bit the dust and I don't have the $$ to replace it right now. I really miss it such a cool tool....something husband came in after I finished my run the other day and he says" Don't push too hard you don't have your heart rate monitor to tell you if your overdoing it " I replied " I can tell if I am working out to hard by my breathing! sheesh he acts like I just started working out or something and I been doing cardio for 13 years now! Been using a heart rate monitor since 2002 though....MEN!!

I am thankful that I feel fine today and I hope I don't get another dose of sinus trouble with this next round of cold weather!! Spring officially arrives in three weeks but I am hoping the cold weather leaves Florida sooner!

Till next time....thanks for stoping by please to leave a comment don't lurk I do most of the time when I read all your great blogs!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Plateau Is Over At Long Last!

I thought I would be happier when I finally saw this number 162.5 yep that's right 2 hard fought pounds off but I wasn't maybe I was still asleep and also in shock....I lose weight slowly like glaciers that melt oh well.

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary and we will be going out to eat tonight. Why do special occasions have to fall when I finally lose weight? That was a rhetorical question don't answer that lol

Thanks you all for your support it means the world to me! I'm keeping this short and sweet for today.
Be well

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Ramblings

My February so far looks like this:
Feb 1st 3.19miles 48:20 minutes
Feb 2nd 3.14 miles 46:50 minutes for am workout plus weight training1 mile walk outdoors that afternoon
Feb 3rd 3.22 miles 49:04 minutes with afternoon bike ride of 3.2 miles
Feb 4th outside with 8 laps around my park roughly 2 miles plus abs

This week so far
Sun Feb 7th 3.32 miles 49:21 minutes
Mon Feb 8th 3.24 miles 48:01 minutes plus weights and abs
Tue Feb 9th 3.59 miles 55:19 minutes walked 10 minutes extra after my 3 miles
Wed Feb 10th 3.61 miles 54:21 minutes plus ab work

I'm working out as hard as I can and my fitness is improving. I can tell by my jog/run times improving this morning I completed two miles in 28 minutes and I got to the three mile at 41:59-42:00 minutes I was thrilled!

The cold weather is making my knees ache so I am sticking to the one workout a day for now but my time is edging closer to that hour mark which is where I get the weight loss results so we shall see.

Also, I am proud I have stayed out of my afternoon "soda" so far today which is MAJOR for me!

I have one more workout day this week depending on how my knees feel maybe tomorrow or maybe not...How's your February going so far? What are you most proud of ?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Hard Are You Willing to Work?

Lately I find myself asking that question a lot and not just when it comes to weight loss. This is a question that must be addressed in all areas of our life. The above pictures show just two of my weight training efforts that I do at home.
I am striving to do one long cardio session plus one short cardio session 5 days a week. I am building up to this, since last week I did that twice and this week will be three times I think. The theory of why this works is because of burning more calories of course plus the "after burn" times two instead of just once daily its a speeding up the metabolism thing from everything I have been reading lately. I am still lifting weights a couple of times a week of course one doesn't take the place of the other.

When I look at my weight loss journals of a few years back I see that I worked out cardio wise for at least a hour daily and some days a hour & a half. Of course that was during spring and summer when I don't mind going longer when I am outside. I am finding it hard to get out of maintenance mode and back into weight loss mode but I am determined to get there!
I find that its harder to split up the cardio routine into two times daily at least for me and I love to exercise, yet this is still hard for me. How about you? How do you break plateaus? Do more cardio? Cut even more calories?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday's Musings & Reading Suggestions

I worked out 5 days in a row with two days having "extra" cardio sessions altogether I went 16.5 miles, worked out with weights one day only, exercised abs twice, two days I did extra cardio exercise on one of them I walked and extra mile and the other day I rode my bike outside for 3 miles so far only a half pound drop but I am hoping to change that.
Have included pictures of what I am reading that is serious. My strategy is to read to learn in the mornings when I am fresh if I am not too exhausted from sleepless nights brought on by my being in menopause(thus the two top books which I just checked out today) I checked out the Body Fat solution book based on Shelley's recommendation and I just love it so far! The author makes great points about how we have to change our beliefs in order to change our actions in both exercise and diet endeavors plus it applies in all areas of our lives that we wish to change.
I found The Happiness Project over on Women's Day website and so I far I love this book too. As for the stuff on Menopause I thought I should learn as much as I can about what's causing a lot of the misery in my life right now. After I read the books I'll share what I learned with you.
I always learn so much from my blog friends and my online support group the Connectors.
I am grateful for all your support and positive comments.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am feeling tired today!This week workout wise has been something else. On several days I have done two cardio sessions in hopes of helping my creaky metabolism along it has helped slightly I am down a tiny half a pound.

On brighter news the weather has been better with several days of sunshine so I got my bike out yesterday afternoon and rode 3+ miles through my neighborhood. Today I walked in my park a couple of miles. It really does help to have changing scenery I couldn't stomach a treadmill walk or run today so out I went outside.It was so great to feel the breeze, see the brown grass, watch the squirrels play, look at the blue sky and fluffy white clouds go by as I walked. I am much too tired to jog today. I'm not sure it was great "cardio" but it helped my spirit tremendously! Best of all I felt happy at least for a while.

I'm not sleeping great right now being woke up with hot flashes some nights and other nights just waking up two or three times a night and not being able to get back to sleep. I went yesterday for my annual female exam and my doc upped the dose of estrogen in the patch I wear this being in menopause sucks! The only good thing is no more periods or sore breasts every month all the rest is not fun.

Since I've gone 16 miles since Sunday and I am tired and sore I'm thinking I am done working out for the week of course this remains to be seen. I had my husband take some pictures of me when I was weight lifting this week will try to get them posted later today.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Progress Made in January

Even though the scale didn't go down at all this month which is disappointing I do have several improvements which I am proud of. I worked out 22 days total, number of days lifted weights 7 days, number of days abs worked on 9.

1st week total miles 11.10 miles for a total of 176 minutes

2nd week 13.72 miles 219.45 minutes

3rd week 11.98 miles 186 minutes

4th week 15.31 miles 239 minutes

Today's workout was 63.02 minutes for a total of 4.07 miles.

The best part to me is my fitness level has improved where I can jog for 7 minutes at a time now at a little bit of a faster rate 4.9 instead of 4.8. Plus I had a couple of PRs just yesterday in fact I jogged/walked 28.55 for 2 miles got to the third mile by 42.18 which is way down from my 44-45 minutes where I started back at in the beginning of December.

On a lighter note I love that my skinny jeans fit with no dancing putting them on right out from the being in the dryer. I used to be afraid to dry them in the dryer scared they wouldn't fit.

I finally took my measurements this morning so I will be able to see inches lost at the end of the month. I used to be proportioned with the same measurements on my breast and butt now though my butt is a inch and a half bigger than my breasts which just proved what I already knew too much sitting will make your butt get as I sit here typing this.
Hopefully February will show a loss on the mean ol scaly monster.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stuck on a Weight Plateau Help!!

I seem to be at a plateau or on a see-saw of sorts with my weight this month. Right now this week it is at 164.5 try as I might so far its not going down. Hopefully this too shall pass soon its so frustrating that my body likes this weight. I've been stuck at this weight since I had my surgery back in October. My weight has bounced down to 163 a time or too then right back to the 164.5 ugh!!

My clothes are loser plus I saw that my cheek bones are more noticeable when I looked in the mirror today still I want the weight down lower!!

Three work outs in so far this week of cardio plus one weight training session and abs twice. I've been trying to shake up my cardio routine by going from 4.8 to 4.9 on the speed, plus trying a 1% incline while doing the jog which makes it harder.

Today was a short easy cardio workout day because the committe won and I couldn't get myself to go the usual three mile distance so I stoped at 2+ miles.

Any suggestions for breaking through a plateau? What have you done to get your body back to losing weight again?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Funday Workout

I had the best workout today that I have had all month I think! Its like I finally got my workout mojo back or something. Today I went for 65 minutes total time, 4.07 miles the machine said 587 calories burned. I'm excited that my workout went so well lately I have been ready to quit the minute I get to three miles not today though hopefully this happiness with working out will last the rest of the week.

I took the weekend off completely from formal workouts it really helped I think sometimes you just get tired of working out especially inside. Yesterday I cleaned house really good and did some outside yard work got a little sunshine and I think that really helps a lot! My mood has brightened, but today it's back to being cloudy (much cooler than its been the last week or so) it was raining earlier I'm hoping the sun comes out to stay later on.

Eating has been OK I had a "cheat" night on Saturday which was nice and I didn't get out of control. I wanted some kind of dessert and I let my husband pick it out he brought home carrot cake and I had a nice slice then stopped with the one piece and back to regular eating yesterday and so far today. I am hoping my hard cardio workout today will work off the 1/2 pound I am up.

That's all for today till next time. Be good to yourselves

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finding Motivation Is Hard Sometimes!

This is what I see as I look out my slide n glass door by my treadmill each morning that I workout. Looking at these pretty yellow flowers never fails to cheer me up. I can't wait to be back outside doing my run/walk program in my favorite park which is behind my house. Lately its been to cool for me to be outside trying to run/walk I have asthma so I have to be careful working out outside in the winter. Any way I thought I would share a little sunshine with my readers.

Its been one of those weeks with my workouts where I have felt very unmotivated in fact I may just finish this week out with only 4 cardio workouts. I did my weight workout routine twice and worked on my abs (my least favorite area of my body) twice. After working out for 13 years now sometimes its still a struggle that never completely goes away.

I'm frustrated at how slow my body loses weight. Right now its going between 164- 164.5 depending on the day of the week ugh! I think its much harder to lose just a few pounds than a bunch of weight at least in the beginning. I start out each day keeping my food diary and then forget it after such thing as perfect record keeping at least for me.

Got sad news today that one of my elderly neighbors died overnight not unexpected but still say you know?

Hopefully my next workout will be better than my last and next week will be a great one!