Saturday, January 15, 2011

First New Post Of 2011

Sorry to be so absent lately not much to say I guess plus I was busy with the holidays and all. My holidays were very good and I hope yours were too! I managed to regain 3 pounds over them though so I now I am in the process of removing them again.

Last weeks workouts went very well I think I only had one day out of the five that I did not meet my goal of 50 min of cardio. I did weights twice, abs 3x.

I set a goal of 250 minutes of exercise a week so that I could eat in the 1600 calorie range.I bought a new heart rate monitor over Christmas wearing this helps me workout out hard enough but not too hard. My target heart rate is between 113-121 with 139 being tops at 80%. You find your target heart rate range by taking 220 minus your age and mulitplying that by 65% 70% 80% so you know your safe training numbers.

I'm finding that using my heart rate monitor really helps keep me in my target rate zone where I am working out hard enough but not to hard. I feel better physically since I started this not so stiff in my lower back and spine which I think OVER training was causing.

Oh yeah, I went down 1.5 pounds from the week before in spite of myself lol I had some good moments eating wise last week and some really bad ones. With me I find if I have a bad eating episode then at the next meal or snack I try to make good so the ratio of good eating is higher than the bad.

My other new fitness toy is a used rower I picked up for 5.00 at a garage sale. It is a Weider and very light weight but I do feel it all over when I use it.

Yesterday I had a major setback with my eating I ate out at Wendy's and had major junk food:( I make no excuses this is why I usually don't eat out my resolve and will power stay in my truck...oh well today has been better so far.
Tommorrow starts a new week time to move on!

Thanks for sticking with me I'm better at reading blogs than I am at blogging sometimes....

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  1. I totally love rowing! What a great deal!

    Don't worry about how much you post. Do it when it feels right for YOU

    Take good care Susan