Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Hard Are You Willing to Work?

Lately I find myself asking that question a lot and not just when it comes to weight loss. This is a question that must be addressed in all areas of our life. The above pictures show just two of my weight training efforts that I do at home.
I am striving to do one long cardio session plus one short cardio session 5 days a week. I am building up to this, since last week I did that twice and this week will be three times I think. The theory of why this works is because of burning more calories of course plus the "after burn" times two instead of just once daily its a speeding up the metabolism thing from everything I have been reading lately. I am still lifting weights a couple of times a week of course one doesn't take the place of the other.

When I look at my weight loss journals of a few years back I see that I worked out cardio wise for at least a hour daily and some days a hour & a half. Of course that was during spring and summer when I don't mind going longer when I am outside. I am finding it hard to get out of maintenance mode and back into weight loss mode but I am determined to get there!
I find that its harder to split up the cardio routine into two times daily at least for me and I love to exercise, yet this is still hard for me. How about you? How do you break plateaus? Do more cardio? Cut even more calories?


  1. Plateaus are tough. You already do a good amount of exercise, so doing more is not always a wise choice. Nor is cutting more calories. You might try a few refeed days, where you eat more food for a couple of days and then go back down to what your losing calorie range is. That can trick the body into thinking it will be getting more fuel and won't conserve so much.

  2. Breaking plateaus, hmmm... if eater cleaner doesn't help, or adding in more zumba (I have PLENTY of room to improve in those areas) I break out the dreaded 1600 calorie diet. Ugh.

  3. You already do a good amount of exercise, so doing more is not always a wise choice.
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