Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday's Musings & Reading Suggestions

I worked out 5 days in a row with two days having "extra" cardio sessions altogether I went 16.5 miles, worked out with weights one day only, exercised abs twice, two days I did extra cardio exercise on one of them I walked and extra mile and the other day I rode my bike outside for 3 miles so far only a half pound drop but I am hoping to change that.
Have included pictures of what I am reading that is serious. My strategy is to read to learn in the mornings when I am fresh if I am not too exhausted from sleepless nights brought on by my being in menopause(thus the two top books which I just checked out today) I checked out the Body Fat solution book based on Shelley's recommendation and I just love it so far! The author makes great points about how we have to change our beliefs in order to change our actions in both exercise and diet endeavors plus it applies in all areas of our lives that we wish to change.
I found The Happiness Project over on Women's Day website and so I far I love this book too. As for the stuff on Menopause I thought I should learn as much as I can about what's causing a lot of the misery in my life right now. After I read the books I'll share what I learned with you.
I always learn so much from my blog friends and my online support group the Connectors.
I am grateful for all your support and positive comments.

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