Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Ramblings

My February so far looks like this:
Feb 1st 3.19miles 48:20 minutes
Feb 2nd 3.14 miles 46:50 minutes for am workout plus weight training1 mile walk outdoors that afternoon
Feb 3rd 3.22 miles 49:04 minutes with afternoon bike ride of 3.2 miles
Feb 4th outside with 8 laps around my park roughly 2 miles plus abs

This week so far
Sun Feb 7th 3.32 miles 49:21 minutes
Mon Feb 8th 3.24 miles 48:01 minutes plus weights and abs
Tue Feb 9th 3.59 miles 55:19 minutes walked 10 minutes extra after my 3 miles
Wed Feb 10th 3.61 miles 54:21 minutes plus ab work

I'm working out as hard as I can and my fitness is improving. I can tell by my jog/run times improving this morning I completed two miles in 28 minutes and I got to the three mile at 41:59-42:00 minutes I was thrilled!

The cold weather is making my knees ache so I am sticking to the one workout a day for now but my time is edging closer to that hour mark which is where I get the weight loss results so we shall see.

Also, I am proud I have stayed out of my afternoon "soda" so far today which is MAJOR for me!

I have one more workout day this week depending on how my knees feel maybe tomorrow or maybe not...How's your February going so far? What are you most proud of ?


  1. Wow, Susan - you really are running a lot! I am impressed at how much your times are improving!

    Feb. is going great so far! I guess I'm most proud of my husband getting his Masters, followed very closely by my exerversary!

  2. I'm really impressed -- I have been trying to add short running segments to my walks and I'm getting nowhere! You are kicking butt!

  3. Thanks Jane & Shelly for your kind words of support. I will put up a new post soon have been busy plus a small family crisis happened this week.