Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slip that leads to a Binge

I had a bit of a slip over the last weekend not with candy but a couple of other foods (desserts) that I don't normally eat because just like most of you I can't stop at one piece or slice....and I was doing so well too!! down to 160.5 for about three days b-4 the weekend. In the after math my weight jumped up 2 pounds now mind you I am hoping(praying) this is a temporary regain and will be gone again in a few days...

Sunday I started my workout week like usual, then Monday was normal for me and then along came today where I did my usual cardio first thing in the morning while walking outside I saw my over grown bushy hedges and decided to be super woman and cut hedges for a hour and a half!! If I didn't lift weights on my upper body pretty regularly I don't think I could of done this at all!! It was so hard doing all the cutting on the plants and then the bagging up the debris just about did my back in...(I have a bad lower back in spite of all my ab exercise! dammit!)

Hopefully I will still be able to walk and bend a little bit tomorrow then all my hard work will be worth it and my over indulgences hopefully will be gone soon. Lesson learned don't bake the stuff, don't buy the stuff to bake!!


  1. I'm with you on that 'lesson learned' stuff - don't buy it, don't bake it, don't have it anywhere near. Dumb food anyway!
    The weekend, if you celebrated, was an aberration anyway. Holidays are kind of stressful and require extra grub and effort.

  2. Great job on the trimming the hedge workout! I love that you could tell a difference because of your weight workouts - that's awesome.

    I love to bake but I don't very often - too dangerous - even after all these years!

  3. Don't let anyone tell you gardening is easy! You will be feeling that hedge cutting....