Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspiring Other People

I was out in my park yesterday to walk with my friend who stood me up so I decided to see if I could still jog especially outside.I walked one lap as a warm up then started jogging for 2 minutes in each lap and walking one minute. I was able to get my 8 laps in 30 minutes which I am very proud of its much harder outside than on my treadie. After that I walked the last 4 laps for a total of 50 minutes.

The best part of it was I met a lady in the park who has seen me out jogging from the road for a while so I inspired her to start coming to the park and walking and so far she has lost 20 pounds and hopes to go off all her meds soon. Moral of the story is you just never know who your gonna inspire...My park can be seen from a major road and I never think other people are watching what I do. Wether we intend to or not, other people do watch what we do especially if we exercise outdoors.

Part of the reason I decided to write a blog was to hopefully encourage others to exercise and eat right but it was really thrilling to meet someone in person and yes I am careful and carry personal protection with me and my cell phone when I am out alone in my park just in case.

Thats all I've got for today till next time. Remember other people watch our example be it good or bad.


  1. True for life in general too. My mother told me, "Always be on your best behavior even if you're surrounded by people you don't know - because you just never know." Good advice. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been in a crowd of 'strangers' and in the midst of discussion found out that someone knows my in-laws or someone I work with. I don't ever want to have to stand there and think, "Uh, did I say/do anything wrong?!"

  2. That is really cool - you are so never know who is watching you! Nice going with your outdoor jogging, too!