Friday, September 10, 2010

Power Walking

Its been a pretty good week here:) My workouts went OK I did something to make my lower back hurt I only lifted weights once. Only jogged on two days the rest of the time I power walked outdoors need to replace my shoes NOW my body is telling me they are worn out which I knew....

Since I last blogged I have started setting time goals for my cardio. I am trying to get 250 minutes done weekly.

Didn't make my time goal this week came close but no cigar.

Weight is holding steady back at 160 again..sigh...been doing my abs and stretches religiously though the back ache is a reminder to do them:)

So 5 days of cardio, 1 weight workout, 3 abs. Total time is 230 minutes short just 20minutes lots of power walking I miss my jogging will get back to it though!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like your idea of cardio minutes. You sure came close to your goal - I'm sure you'll hit it next week!

  2. With a sore back, I think you did great for almost reaching your goal!

    Have a great weekend!