Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying To Kick My Soda Addiction

Are any of you out there like me and love their soda both diet and non-diet? Everyday I have a glass of diet pepsi with lunch then usually in the mid afternoon when the 3:00 energy slump hits I have a glass of sprite mixed with water. I tell myself drinking a regular soft drink with water makes it not so bad for me but deep down I know better.

For 5 or 6 years I had regular soda kicked to the curb then in 2003 while I was working out of my house I started having a little afternoon pick me up with you guessed it regular soda for the sugar hit and to help alleviate the boredom of the job now I don't do that job anymore but....I still have my afternoon soda.

Last week I saw the Dr. Oz show about soda addiction and I am trying his plan to see if I can get soda back out of my life again or at least way down. I know it has empty calories and it raises your odds of getting pancreatic cancer by at least 20%. Yet it is still soooooooo hard to do.

I have already cut way down on the amount I drink plus now I measure it out so I know the calorie load. Yesterday, I tried the selzer water mixed with sugar free cranberry juice boy was it tart tasting...but I got through will see what today brings.

This morning I went out to my park and slogged through 12 laps in the humidty came home and did The Shred so I am working out hard this week so far.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you break this habit and what to put in its place or how you kicked soda to the curb..


  1. I'm with you, Susan. However, after reading about your "addition", I feel even worse about mine! Left to my own desires, I can easily consume 8 - 10 diet cokes a day. My goal is to stop drinking caffeine of any kind, including coffee/soda/tea at noon. I'm on day three, I think. I may have to check out the Dr. Oz episode to scare myself straighter!

  2. When I started working at my office five years ago, after I was hired and before I started work there, I got an email asking me what my favorite pop was.

    I was like "that's weird!" But I replied that Diet Dr. Pepper was my go to pop.

    I didn't realize it, but our firm has a pop refrigerator - stocked with everyone's favorite pop! From Fresca, to Orange to diet coke with lime!

    I still have one pop a week though - not too bad considering its in my face all day! :D