Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maintaining not going forward

I have been getting my exercise in and then some. Latley I have been back to walking with my neighbor in the park behind my house for about a hour a day not faster but definetly longer sessions than when I am by myself.

Today I did the shred level II as long as I am careful about squats and lunges I can do the tape without a problem.

Nothing else is new still hot but not as humid down here. Eating has been so-so could be better could be worse mostly

I am maintaining right now when I am ready to crack down on my eating then the weight will GO.

Thanks to everyone who gave a donation for my Alzheimers walk on Oct 30th it is much appreciated.

Whats new with you? Tell me in the comments..


  1. Just trying to tighten the reins on my portions. Get more active.

  2. Nothing wrong with maintaining for a while and then get moving again.