Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bad Economy & My Life

Mike and I found out upon our return home on Friday that his company that he has worked at for 14 years is planning to close the plant at the end of this December short of a miracle. There main client has started producing there own plastic bottles so they don't need Constar anymore and so far the company has not found another customer to take its place so they are shutting the plant down.

Needless to say we are very upset and stressed out about this his job has been the one stable bright spot in our financial life for so long...I'm scared the job market here in Orlando is lousy. We are trying to stay positive and take this one day at a time. My husband has about 10 years left before he could draw social security he has a excellent track record and will get stellar references etc... This company is only offering 4 weeks of severance if you can believe that usually its one week for every year you have worked there.

Well I couldn't sleep or should I say I slept for 7 hours...I am feeling better with regards to my sore neck/shoulder combo I think I slept wrong on it or was tense with my husbands driving home from daddy's...we brought back a washer in our little pick up very tricky driving especially in the mountains.

My weight has already dropped down two pounds yippee! I have been jogging/walking on the treadmill inside every day since I have been back plus my eating has been stellar:) Cutting way down trying to cut out soda especially Pepsi products in light of what they are doing to Constar:(

We (I) am thankful for the advance warning we were given about the situation now its just time to see whats out there and where we will end up nothing is off limits including moving. The one bright spot right now is my eBay business is finally growing and I am making some money which I am SAVING plus we are going into our busy time of year hopefully it is all going to work out. I know God has a plan for us and his hand on us.

Thanks for listening and caring.


  1. Ouch - such tough news. I think anyone would recoil from hearing such unexpected news. Fingers crossed that the new job search goes easily.

  2. I can totally relate Susan. I don't talk about it on my blog, but my husband lost his job in January - he's only been on 1 interview in 10 months.

    It's a tough age - he's 50 - he started out doing sales, and moved his way up to management - his last job he had 14 people working for him. He's even tried to get a job doing sales again, but keeps being told that he's too experienced.

    Luckily, we have no debt other than our mortgage, we haven't used credit cards in a decade, and if push came to shove after his unemployment runs out, we could live off of my salary - we just won't be able to eat out very often!


  3. Sorry to hear this, Susan - it's a very scary thing to know, although it's also good in a way to have advance notice. It's a tough job market out there, especially for men over 45, it seems. I hope your husband can find another job - I'll be thinking the good thoughts for you!

  4. So sorry to hear, Susan! But you have a great attitude and yes you should be proud you are continuing to succeed w/ eBay. It is good to have that advance warning and I hope he can find something soon! :-) Hugs, Julia

  5. That is awful news! I am so sorry to hear that but you do have a good outlook and that will help you weather the storm. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mike

  6. I am so sorry Susan. I really hope that he will find something else before the end of the year. I'm praying for you!

  7. Hi Susan,

    Tough news and happening to lots of people nowadays.

    I have found that making tough decisions early has helped me rebound quicker when this happened to me in the past.

    Best of luck