Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress Will Make You Sick

Well I managed to catch something I think it is a cold all I know for sure is I feel crappy:(.

I did a short workout on Sunday and none yesterday and the rest of the week is questionable.I hate trying to "workout" when you have to work just to breathe ugh its been a long time since I actually caught a cold lucky me at least for now we still have insurance and a check coming in:)

Mike is looking hard for the next job and when I get better I am going to start looking for something as well we need the $$ on a steady basis you know?

Wish us luck. Last weeks workouts were great 14 miles plus weights and abs and the week before was 18 miles a record for me I think.

If you can workout and run do some miles for me.


  1. It's okay to rest when you are feeling sick. Your body needs the energy to get better, not use it on exercise.

    Good luck on the job front!

  2. Take care of yourself - don't overdo it by rushing things!

  3. Hang in there Susan - my fingers are crossed for you both!

    Hope you are feeling better - if it makes you feel any better, I did some sprints today on your behalf :D