Monday, March 1, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

I spent last Friday, Saturday, Sunday on my couch with a terrible sinus headache, and aches all over. I felt terrible and yes I took Sudafed and Advil each day however I can't take too much Sudafed it makes me jittery and does a number on my blood pressure! Urgh....

Today I woke up feeling much better (normal) whatever that is:) I looked outside and it was sunny and beautiful so I bundled up and headed to my favorite park behind my house and walked 8 laps around the park trail which too about 35 minutes. This was so good for my soul to get out of my house, too feel the sun on my face, saw great big fluffy white clouds, a few squirrels. I was disappointed that I didn't run into any of my friends that walk outside I guess they weren't feeling brave it was still in the 40's which is cold for us but there was no breeze (thank God) the wind goes right through you! I"m not sure it counts as cardio but it made me "feel" better!

I put in a hard effort last month I really cranked up the miles and lost a couple of pounds along the way and proved to myself that I can do 1 hour of cardio most days and not die from the effort. Oh yeah, speaking of things that die my heart rate monitor bit the dust and I don't have the $$ to replace it right now. I really miss it such a cool tool....something husband came in after I finished my run the other day and he says" Don't push too hard you don't have your heart rate monitor to tell you if your overdoing it " I replied " I can tell if I am working out to hard by my breathing! sheesh he acts like I just started working out or something and I been doing cardio for 13 years now! Been using a heart rate monitor since 2002 though....MEN!!

I am thankful that I feel fine today and I hope I don't get another dose of sinus trouble with this next round of cold weather!! Spring officially arrives in three weeks but I am hoping the cold weather leaves Florida sooner!

Till next time....thanks for stoping by please to leave a comment don't lurk I do most of the time when I read all your great blogs!


  1. I'm gonna say that the 8 laps counts as cardio! (:
    glad you are feeling better!

  2. Good on ya for getting out in the fresh air and walking! Glad you are feeling better - and it's funny, but Sudafed is about the only thing I can take that doesn't make me feel wonky.

  3. Can't wait for spring but can wait for sinus issues like hayfever. Hope you are feeling better.