Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week In Reveiw

It was the week of the headaches.Five days this last week I have had sinus pain and today I had a whopper of a migraine come on this morning I took something for it right away and it knocked me out for a while but at least the pain is gone and no sinus pain to take its place thank God.

I worked out 5 days this last week Mon-Fri but I cut my mileage and time way down it was a easy week which I needed after a hard month last month.I completed not quite 13 miles down from a high of 18 last month. Most days just 35 minutes yesterday was an hour in the morning I felt better but went down hill yesterday afternoon.

Believe it or not I am down another 1/2 pound so far I really may see the 150's by the end of this month I'm crossing my fingers.

Here's hoping no more headaches of any kind. Have a great weekend. Its sunny and mild here so I may go for a stroll to enjoy some sun and a little exercise!

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