Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sandwhich Generation

Thank you for all the thoughtful advice and caring. For now I am sitting tight here at home. Trouble always comes in three's why is that? Anyway, my husband is going through a rough time with his job situation and my son is having a rough time right now as well so I really need to here unless the situation drastically changes for the worse plus I talk with daddy often.

I had a really hard workout today done inside on my treadmill. I set some Pr's with my jogging. The best one being getting to three miles under 40 minutes. Plus I was able to do upper body again along with abs. So tomorrow will be my fifth workout day for the week then I am done.

Thanks again for all the support you guys are the very best!


  1. Okay, big daddy's girl. you seem like you've made your decision and I'm sure it's for the best. Especially with the folks at home going through rough spots. Keep taking good care of yourself.

  2. Susan, so sorry to hear about your dad! I was a daddy's girl too! :D

  3. As long as you feel a peace about your decision then that is what you should do. Oftentimes in our heart we just "know" what needs to happen.

    Great job on the workout. I hope your dad is recovering okay.