Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a very lovely time yesterday with my son Chris. We hung out and watched Iron Man the movie. He brought me flowers and a lovely card.

Saturday I toiled in my front yard pulling weeds out of the flower bed for an hour and a half very stiff when I woke up yesterday. Speaking of yesterday didn't much want to work out but I made myself anyway:)Jogged 4 laps and walked 4 laps then rode my bike for half and hour and did abs.

Today was a personal best for me! Jogged all but one lap out of 10! Completed my two miles in about 27 minutes I've never jogged this long before without having to walk some in between. Came home completed my whole body weight workout routine very tough after all that joggin in the heat:)

Bought some resistance tubes at Walmart the other day to supplement the upper body workouts there are some moves you can't do with free weights.I'm not sure I'm gonna like them I'll let you know.

Mothers day is bitter sweet for me with my mom being gone. My son brought over a book bag type thing that she had made and he came across it and gave it to me yesterday. Very sweet and touching...I miss my mom...

Well, I hope you guys are getting your cardio and weight training in you know summers all most here! I'm trying to do boot camp days 3x this week join me won't you?


  1. So sorry you are missing your mom. That must be very difficult. I'm glad that your son took time to do something special for you.

    Congratulations on the jogging. You are doing great!

  2. Hi five on your running! The more I run, the further I run, the quicker I run. It's like I'm competing against myself. Making progress is an awesome reward. And you're doing it! :)

  3. Great job on the running! You should be so proud!

    And how thoughtful of your son to bring you a memory of your Mom!

  4. Sorry to hear you missed your mom last Sunday.

    How did the exercising go this week? All as planned?