Friday, May 14, 2010

Not As Planned

The best laid plans going a stray is how my workout week went. I pulled/strained a muscle in my upper back on Monday. The soreness didn't show up until late Tuesday and all day Wednesday it hurt. I rested it and took Aleve and now it feels fine. I am not sure at all how I did it so I will have to be really careful next time out on weight lifting.

I was able to complete my 5 days of cardio this week my jogging just seems to be getting better and better. Most days I just jogged most of 2 miles. Thursday I did 3 miles a mixture of both walking and jogging.

I can fit into size 10 shorts now they are still a little snug but I should be able to be comfortable in them hopefully before the summer is done.

I caught my reflection in my glass door as I was watering yesterday and I liked what I saw for a change. 8+ pounds down again is a big change on this body can't wait to see what size I eventually get into with another 12 down.

Have a great weekend and smile back at yourself when you see your reflection:)


  1. Glad your back is feeling better and good for you doing 5 days of cardio. I don't think I have ever done 5 days consecutively!

    I like your last statement. I will try to embrace that :)

  2. Very cool that you liked what you saw when you caught your reflection! Things like that are what keep me going.

  3. I need to appreciate the good parts and not focus so much on the things I don't like. Thanks so much for the reminder.

    And congratulations on your success. You are doing great!