Friday, July 2, 2010

Still Not Feeling It

I've taken a couple of days off in a row in the middle of my workout week since I just wasn't feeling it and now I feel a little bit better workout will resume soon. Weight is fine holding steady at 158 when I don't work out I really watch what goes in my mouth like a hawk:)

I saw this report on Yahoo this morning and thought I would share in case you missed it. Here is the link

Its very interesting a study done over 2 years with all kinds of diets the calorie level being 1200 a day and they all lost about the same amount of weight. I guess it really is about calorie in versus calorie out:)

Happy Fourth of July to all in the US who celebrate.


  1. Interesting and educative post. I know losing those pounds are extremely difficult but if you put your mind to it, I know it will be as easy as a pie. Check out this weight loss supplements Acai Berry Pure . It works

  2. Yep, when it comes down to it, you have to watch the calories or the weight just won't really budge. Glad you're feeling better now...and happy Fourth to you!

  3. It really comes down to the food. We can exercise all we want but if we are eating too much the weight won't come off very easily. Hope you had a nice weekend Susan.

  4. Thanks for that link - hope you have a great week this week Susan!


  5. You're a smart chica! At least you know to keep what you eat in check when you're not working out. Yeah, there are so many different diets but when you come down to it, the reason they work is because of reduced calories and not some miracle formula in the foods. I think one reason why so many people are successful with Weight Watchers is that nothing is off limits, you just count your points (which really is just a different way of counting calories). It's nice to know that eating a cupcake won't sabotage your weight long as your willing to shave off the calories elsewhere or workout extra hard! Good luck, Susan!