Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back To Being Me

I'm still here finally well again I think I hope! Finished taking my meds and started working out easy and kinda slowly so far this week.

Sunday and Tuesday were walking in the park days along with bike riding afterwards. Even though it's really muggy here I couldn't stand being cooped up another minute so off I went. 8 laps around equals two miles and two time through my route in the neighborhood equal 3.2 miles so not to bad for a comeback.

Monday I did a short workout on my treadmill and I could tell my fitness level went down some while I was sick and from not running still logged 2+ miles in 35 minutes then a short weight workout plus I've done abs twice.

My dad is down from Alabama finally! hadn't seen him since last fall. I can tell he's been through a lot. Mostly we've been having a good visit he came over on Tuesday morning at 6 am and stayed for 3 hours and we talked about family issues and general stuff it was quite a what we call "A come to Jesus moment" I cried some he looked like he wanted to but didn't after all he's a man...My dad has been very hard on me and critical of me because I never told him about my depression and anxiety issues somehow I thought he could tell something was wrong with me but he said not he just thought I was lazy and didn't want to work a "real" job that blows me away that he could think like that about his own daughter very upsetting! He called me twice yesterday and on the last call I had a brownie binge with milk to calm my nerves...I love him hes my dad but he presses all my buttons! I told my husband this morning that if I was alcholic he would have to commit me or make sure I got to meetings again, since I'm way under and off the wagon right now....

I'm well again and I hope things calm down in the family and this too shall pass as my momma used to say...In the mean time today's a new day and I know better so I shall do better about my food choices and amounts...Todays workout done! Cardio plus the Shred and eating is good so far!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better. Boy, I know how tough it is to navigate the choppy waters of family issues. I hope you've gained some peace, after the brownies have subsided.

    Have a great week.

  2. I find family issues are the hardest thing to deal with!

  3. Yep, its hard to deal with family shit. Communication is key though - since you didn't tell him about your depressin, he took it at being lazy - glad you got to cry it out though and move forward!

    I'd say your workouts were good considering you've been sick!


  4. Great job on feeling better and getting back to the run!