Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Wagon

Last week I ended up working out 4 days which isn’t too bad just not my usual 5:)

This week so far I ran/walked inside on Sunday 2+ miles, then yesterday I did a easy outdoors walk of two miles with 20 minutes of biking afterwards.

Now I just have to quit baking brownies and buying pies. I don’t know why exactly but when I get in the 150′s I feel nervous or weird about it but I do then I self sabotage. I know most of you reading this can relate all I can say is I am working on it. I fall off the wagaon I get back on the wagon currently back on with a two pound weight gain back to 160:( ugh now I have to relose back down again.

That's it for now till next time....


  1. Interesting... the more I cook, the less I want to eat. It'sl almost like I pour the emotions of eating into the food while I'm preparing it. I've always said if I became a professional chef I'd be rail thin.

    You know what's good for you and your journey so keep it up and I'm sure you'll be back at 15- in no time!

  2. I get it about the stop baking brownies and pies! I do that and its dumb because I always eat too much!

  3. I have to admit i really can't have junk foods/sweet treats in the house as i know i will eventually binge on them :(
    Never give up!!

  4. Yep, totally understand the self-sabotage!! Every time I start to get into the comfortable weight zone (150s for me) and closer to my goal of 140 or 130, I start eating badly again and gain it all back. I also have a problem with baking but I'm learning to just not eat what I make b/c I'm simply not able to quit. I sell cakes on the side and baking is my passion. It's hard but I'm working on it! If you can quit, that would be best!

  5. 4 workouts is great Susan! Especially since you didn't feel like working out. So good job.

  6. At least you caught yourself at 2 pounds and are back on track.

    I just did a 7 mile bike ride and boy was it tough after not doing any exercise for four days!

    Hope you have a great week Susan!

  7. Yeah, it's weird what our minds do as we lose weight...at least you are aware of what the issue is. Hang in there - you're doing great with the exercise!

  8. I can definitely relate - not only personally, but I've seen it more times than I can count. You can do this - don't get nervous, you are heading in the right direction!