Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heart beats and Calorie tracking

Will beat 126,778 times, pump 1,859 gallons of blood, and push that blood nearly 11,236 miles throughout my body!

Created by MyFitnessPal.com

I saw all these different calorie count sites listed on a friends Facebook status and I thought I will check out these different websites. What the sites say and recommend vary wildly! I haven't poked around them much yet:) I really want a site to keep track of my calories that is easy to use? Does one exsist? We will see...

I have 4 sites selected and one asks you to buy a product so that is automatically disqualified I wanted FREE.

The Dailyplate said my calories should be 1860 a day. Sounds reasonable

MyFitnesspal.com said my weight should be between 114.6-154.9 I would look sick if I ever dropped down to 114.6 not going there...what were they thinking? However that is where I got the cool heart calculator

Caloriecount.about.com said 1629 should be my calorie count daily in order to lose weight and drop down to 136 by January 16, 2011. I think 136 is way to low and not sustainable to me.

Finally, Dietpower.com asks you to buy there down loadable program for 34.95 supposedly it is endorsed by lots of well know websites...I say buyer be ware and what ever happened to free?

Still holding at 158.5 this AM. Yesterday I walked outside in the heat and humidty 12laps around my park came home and worked in my rose garden a while after all I was already sweaty and gross so what the heck. Had a good eating day no binges no urge to binge life is good!

I'll let you guys know what site I decide to use. Do you keep track of your calories online and if so what site do you use?


  1. I use caloriecount.com, which I think is pretty accurate - although it says in order for me to lose two pounds a week I get 1450 calories, which on days I exercise a lot, certainly not enough.

    But my favorite feature is typing in recipes to get the nutritional information! :D

    Hang in there!

  2. I use Sparkpeople. They're very popular so a lot of food information is already in their system (that way you don't need to constantly enter calorie information for foods that aren't in their database.) And best of all, they're free! :)