Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Is Here

Hello friends welcome to August. Can you believe its August already where has year gone...time is really whipping by I must be getting

Anyway, I just wanted to let all my friends know I got r done this morning it wasn't pretty but I started this month out with a bang! 3+ miles plus abs the most I've done is a while distance wise. I did cardio and the Shred on Friday and my butts still sore:) Starting to get my workout mojo back finally from where I was out for a while being sick...

Can't wait for fall its so hot hazy steamy here feel like a hermit in my house.

Thought I'd share since most of us like BL. Bob Harper is trying to get 15k people subscribed to his youtube channel by 8/6 if he reaches this goal he promised to do a give away...Here's the link:

Today's my dads birthday and I sent a card plus called him this morning but I miss much that I started to think about buying all my favorite binge foods and having a binge for daddy's birthday how about that? I don't think he would approve. Anyway, I didn't do it and I won't but I did have some dark thoughts exercising helped me get over them for today so here to one day at a time and no binges!
Sorry for being so absent will try to do better! Till next time say no to binges.


  1. We all have those thoughts, but it's the not acting on them that makes us victorious. Glad you didn't binge...and nice job with the running! I, too, will be glad to see the heat of summer go bye-bye.

  2. Good job not bingeing. I'm tired of this summer heat too - it's ridiclous!

  3. I am with you on this heat! Fall is my favorite season of all - just wearing a sweater, the changing of the leaves.

    Glad you didn't have a party for one for your dad's bday! Proud of you!