Monday, August 16, 2010

Question for my readers

I am once again within 10 pounds of being at what the charts say is ideal for my age 46 and height 5'6, however in only 3lbs I will be at a good bmi. I haven't been at the ideal of 148 in 17 years and I couldn't maintain it then so I don't know if I should try to go that low now. Any thoughts?

So far this week I have completed leve one of the Shred once and regular cardio on top of that it is much harder to run after doing the Shred. I'm going to do my cardio first from now on...

Exciting and scarey to be so close to maintence again...till next time.


  1. I think you should go to where you are comfortable. If you are maintaining your exercise, even pumping it up a bit as you grow stronger, I think you'll be fine. You'll be gaining muscle and you might not really HAVE 10 lbs. of FAT left to burn or it might just go away gradually. Just do what is comfortable for your body. If you honestly feel like you NEED to lose that last entire 10, then go for it but otherwise, try to lose a few more and then just don't go above anymore.

    You so rock!! Keep it up!!

  2. When I was a Weight Watchers leader I saw a lot of women in their late 40s and early 50s really struggle to be in the ideal weight range. I don't know about now because it has been years since I've seen one of their weight charts, but even WW used to allow for a 5'6" woman to be as high as 155 during the menopause years - which you are coming into.

    How do I know this? Because I'm 5'6". My personal ideal would be around 150 anything below that would be a total bonus for me.

  3. I deliberately chose a higher goal weight because I didn't want maintenance to be a I would really look long and hard at how much you want to have to work at maintaining that 148 pounds vs. maybe something a little higher.

    Congratulations on getting so close - you are doing great!

  4. Being a shorty, I should be 124 according to the charts but I am shooting for 150ish as goal and not going to sweat the 25 lb difference.

    You are really rocking the exercise! Impressive!