Friday, January 15, 2010

Denial Lies We Tell Ourselves

I don't think I made excuses about my weight when it was 197 I was just numb about it and tried hard not to think about. What made me finally want to change was looking at my wedding pictures and being embarrassed by how fat I looked in them.Those pictures finally snapped me out of my denial that I was Fat and something had to change and it did change I joined a gym, got a trainer for a while and changed my eating for good.

Don't lie to yourself by saying I'm gonna start my diet Monday or go join a gym next week the emotional part of losing the weight is just as hard or harder than the physical part. Also, don't expect losing the weight to solve all your life problems trust me it won't you'll just have a smaller body to deal with the problems in. I've lost weight more than once in my life and I never kept it all off until this last time when I lost the 40 pounds then I let the grieve of my moms passing give me an excuse to eat whatever I wanted and 10 pounds crept back on. The only thing that saved me from regaining all my weight was I kept doing some exercise and I kept a check on the number on the scale still I let myself keep those extra pounds for way to long because losing them and getting all the way down to a healthier weight requires hard work and I just wasn't ready yet now I am!

There are 10 principles I follow, and I learned them from the book: Make The Connection by Bob Greene Oprah's trainer back in 1997. Seeing Oprah lose the weight I thought if she could lose the weight then I could to.... This plan is a lifestyle fix not a traditional diet.

Exercise aerobically, five to seven days a week(preferably in the morning) So excuses don't get in the way!
Exercise in the zone( at a level seven or eight) Perceived exertion rate... You gotta sweat!!
Exercise for 20-60 minutes each exercise session. Start out at 20 minutes and build from there.
Eat a low-fat balanced diet each day. I find I do better on low fat and still have my carbs for running!
Eat three meals and two snacks each day. I try to keep my calorie level at 1600
Limit or eliminate alcohol. I quit drinking I think that put at least 20 lbs on me!
Stop eating two to three hours before bedtime
Drink six to eight glasses of water daily
Have at least two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables daily
The most important step: Renew your commitment to healthy living each day!

I'm off to practice my No More Excuses Lifestyle....until next time....What made you ready to lose weight and change your life? Please leave a comment....


  1. It's so funny, I found a video tape of Oprah's make the connection when I was cleaning, and popped it in and watched it again.

    I feel bad for Oprah because she still hasn't done that for herself. But I think those points you make are totally doable! Best of luck to you!

  2. Very good points Susan. I need to print and post them.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! It made me smile :-D