Sunday, January 31, 2010

Progress Made in January

Even though the scale didn't go down at all this month which is disappointing I do have several improvements which I am proud of. I worked out 22 days total, number of days lifted weights 7 days, number of days abs worked on 9.

1st week total miles 11.10 miles for a total of 176 minutes

2nd week 13.72 miles 219.45 minutes

3rd week 11.98 miles 186 minutes

4th week 15.31 miles 239 minutes

Today's workout was 63.02 minutes for a total of 4.07 miles.

The best part to me is my fitness level has improved where I can jog for 7 minutes at a time now at a little bit of a faster rate 4.9 instead of 4.8. Plus I had a couple of PRs just yesterday in fact I jogged/walked 28.55 for 2 miles got to the third mile by 42.18 which is way down from my 44-45 minutes where I started back at in the beginning of December.

On a lighter note I love that my skinny jeans fit with no dancing putting them on right out from the being in the dryer. I used to be afraid to dry them in the dryer scared they wouldn't fit.

I finally took my measurements this morning so I will be able to see inches lost at the end of the month. I used to be proportioned with the same measurements on my breast and butt now though my butt is a inch and a half bigger than my breasts which just proved what I already knew too much sitting will make your butt get as I sit here typing this.
Hopefully February will show a loss on the mean ol scaly monster.


  1. Maybe your butt muscles are growing in size from all of your hard work-that could explain the measurement. I wish I had that problem. LOL!

  2. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the nice comment you left about my poor Thanks!

    ( I have been on a weight loss plateu since August...but I haven't been doing great on my diet either so I'm not that surprised!)

  3. You really have done great this month - don't let the scale tell you otherwise. Look at your treadmill endurance! Look at your skinny jeans fitting! Keep it up and eventually the blasted scale will catch up to you!