Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Funday Workout

I had the best workout today that I have had all month I think! Its like I finally got my workout mojo back or something. Today I went for 65 minutes total time, 4.07 miles the machine said 587 calories burned. I'm excited that my workout went so well lately I have been ready to quit the minute I get to three miles not today though hopefully this happiness with working out will last the rest of the week.

I took the weekend off completely from formal workouts it really helped I think sometimes you just get tired of working out especially inside. Yesterday I cleaned house really good and did some outside yard work got a little sunshine and I think that really helps a lot! My mood has brightened, but today it's back to being cloudy (much cooler than its been the last week or so) it was raining earlier I'm hoping the sun comes out to stay later on.

Eating has been OK I had a "cheat" night on Saturday which was nice and I didn't get out of control. I wanted some kind of dessert and I let my husband pick it out he brought home carrot cake and I had a nice slice then stopped with the one piece and back to regular eating yesterday and so far today. I am hoping my hard cardio workout today will work off the 1/2 pound I am up.

That's all for today till next time. Be good to yourselves

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