Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mid Week Check In Goal For Year 2010

Well its the first full week here of a shiny new year and I feel like I am off to a good start with my workouts this week so far. Monday I managed to jog/walk 48:41 minutes for a total of 3.07 miles then on Tuesday I managed another 43:01 minutes for a total of 2.67 miles along with doing a upper and lower body workout. Today, Wednesday I worked out 49:59 minutes for a total of 3.09 miles.

Each week I try to workout a minimum of 5 times for 3 miles walked/jogged each time or maybe just walked on a 6% incline on my treadmill. Also this year I am hoping to do 2 weight workouts each week along with ab work three times.

Most of all this year I am trying to eat healthy and get down to my goal weight of 148 so that I don't get high blood pressure, and I bring my cholesterol level down. I originally lost 40 pounds then my mom dies in 2004 and I gained 10 pounds back now I have lost 3 of those. I'm usually faithful to my cardio but I must clean up my eating put it this way if working out like crazy was gonna make me skinny I'd be there by now after 13 years of working out...hard to believe its been that long time flies!

Best of all my skinny jeans are loose again so I must be doing something right. Have been slacking on keeping a food journal but I do weigh and measure my food daily and strive to quit eating 2-3 hours before bedtime I find this to be most helpful.
Next time I do my at home weight workout I will post it here. I do hand free weights for upper body and I am still developing my lower body routine.
Till next time y'all Please leave a note to let me know you were by.


  1. Glad your first week had such a great start - that's what keeps us going!

  2. Whoo! Your always know that something is working when your skinny jeans are loose! I love to buy goal jeans that I can't fit into just yet. It feels so good when you can actually fit into them. It also works as a motivator every time I walk by them! Good luck and keep up that great work!

  3. Hi, I'm your newest follower. Your skinny jeans are loose-what a milestone. Best of luck for your continued success.