Thursday, January 14, 2010

Struggling With Motivation This Week

Thanks for stopping by.This week it has been hard for me to be motivated to workout plus once I am working out I have struggled to do the cardio until about half way into the workout. My inner whiner really has been giving me a fit about working out she doesn't want to she says things like whats the use? Your weight is staying the same why bother? I'm tired, I don't feel good to name just a few of the things my inner whiner says its enough to drive a girl mad....Fortunately I have been working out a long time 13 years so I have learned to ignore her or yell at her to shut up!! I have completed all my workouts but not enjoyed them much so far this week do you ever have weeks like that? Is is just me? Mid life crazies?

I have new shoes they are Asics Gel I believe.They are fine but not what I wanted in my heart if you know what I mean. I bought what I could afford not what I wanted(like) these were $40.00 instead of my usual $100.00. The shoes help get the job done but I feel like a elephant when I jog/run in them.They feel heavier to me than my regular shoes when in reality the're probably similar weights. I turned my ankle last Thursday in my old pair of shoes trying to compensate for how worn out they really were so I knew I had to replace them for my safety's sake.

I have been doing better keeping my food journal this week and keeping the calories in the appropriate range so hopefully my weight will budge down on the scale. I've actually started eating more vegetables like I am supposed to again as well so food is better.

I think of lots of stuff to blog about while I'm doing my workouts most days then I promptly forget as soon as I sit down to type it out at my computer. I will try to blog more often. Can't wait for spring to get outside again....then I look forward to my workouts.

Till next time....How do you get through times of low motivation to workout? Please leave a comment.

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  1. I put it on autopilot...and eventually the motivation kicks back in. Good on ya for eating more veggies - I need to up my veggie intake as I've been a little relaxed on that part of my diet lately. Hang in there, Susan...and hope your new shoes lighten up!