Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stuck on a Weight Plateau Help!!

I seem to be at a plateau or on a see-saw of sorts with my weight this month. Right now this week it is at 164.5 try as I might so far its not going down. Hopefully this too shall pass soon its so frustrating that my body likes this weight. I've been stuck at this weight since I had my surgery back in October. My weight has bounced down to 163 a time or too then right back to the 164.5 ugh!!

My clothes are loser plus I saw that my cheek bones are more noticeable when I looked in the mirror today still I want the weight down lower!!

Three work outs in so far this week of cardio plus one weight training session and abs twice. I've been trying to shake up my cardio routine by going from 4.8 to 4.9 on the speed, plus trying a 1% incline while doing the jog which makes it harder.

Today was a short easy cardio workout day because the committe won and I couldn't get myself to go the usual three mile distance so I stoped at 2+ miles.

Any suggestions for breaking through a plateau? What have you done to get your body back to losing weight again?


  1. It's frustrating to not see the scale change - believe me, I know - but you said your clothes are looser, so you know something is changing. Have you ever taken your measurements? Maybe you should go try on some smaller sized pants and get a lift from that, rather than stay focused on the scale. Whatever you do, keep on the good fight - eventually the blasted scale will budge!

  2. agreed! the fact that you can SEE results is better than READING results if you ask me! :)
    just keep on toughing it out & the numbers are sure to follow! (i hope! )