Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesdays Quick Check In

Got R done today and it wasn't pretty. I do have pics but no time right now to upload gotta get supper going I'm running behind yet again:(

Anyway, I wanted to report that I walked ran 3 miles inside today then I biked outdoors 3 miles today shoulder/arm still a little sore still babying it this is getting old fast:( Still at 159 workouts are going well just one day left this week yah!! Eating has been going really well I keep expecting to see another drop in the weight on the scale hopefully soon!

I saw on another blog yesterday a cool site called check it out its about your health sponsored by the American Cancer Society I believe

Also, if your looking for new books to read which I almost alway am. I read so much my favorite authors can't keep up. I subscribed to this free service offered by my library but it is also available on line so check it out www. if you love to read you won't be sorry. I get short 5 minute previews Mon-Fri on three different types of books such as "good news" "regular fiction" "mystery" anyway, have some fun with it you won't be disappointed.

Pictures tomorrow. Have a great Wedneday night....

1 comment:

  1. Will check out the cancer site. Love everything about cancer. NOT. But I'll check it out regardless.
    Keep babying that arm/shoulder. Mine is acting up too.