Thursday, June 24, 2010

Huffing and Puffing but got it done!

Briefly I did the Shred for the third time this week after having already walked jogged 3 miles so I am pretty tired this evening but proud of my workout week. My clothes feel loser on the lower half hopefully some inches gone around the hips, abs,butt wont know till next Thursday when a new month starts and I do measurements again.

This summer is already starting to fly by..

I was standing at Walmarts in there DVD section today looking to see what other torture I could find and another lady came up looking at the workout DVDs.I asked her if she does any Jillian Michaels stuff she said yes and told me The Shred isn't her hardest DVD that's hard to believe but now I am curious to find out so I may end up getting her other two DVDs. The lady said her No More Trouble Zones was harder and the title to the other video is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism the deadly trio I guess:)

It should be noted that I am not on purpose endorsing Jillian Michaels or her message or her supplements etc. I just needed another trainer to give me a kick in the butt to get out of my comfort zone. I don't especially like her personality especially now that I have let her push me through hard workouts. Also, I think shes dangerously close to being to thin but every body has to make up their own mind and find what works for them just be careful what you pick.

Eating started out good this week then it went down hill and got so-so weight is hanging in there between 157-159. Been getting my 3 veggies in and most days my water my down fall was I gave in to my sweet tooth that was purely stress related.

Its about dinner time here so gotta get going until next time be good:)


  1. I've been definitely getting my water in...but my fruit/veggie intake is not up to par. *sigh* but I am slowly turning it around!

    I've never tried any others of Jillian's workouts, but I have used a couple of the Biggest Loser workouts with her and Bob on Exercise TV on Demand.

  2. Im with you on the Jillian and on all experts or gurus.
    I take what works for me and leave the rest (in JMs case a lotlot) behind.

  3. There are so many good exercise DVDs and even video's on UTube (see MizFit's collection!). I'm sure you could find something that will push you without annoying you. Good job on your workouts!

  4. I have the Shred DVD and I like the workouts she gives me. I can't see shows of her here in Holland so no idea what kind of personality she is. She doesn't annoy me at the Shred and I think it's a great workout, especially when you're short in time.

  5. I have the banish fat DVD, and yes, its hard - I've only done it a couple times, but I think its six circuits one after the other!

    I think you are doing great - I am going to try to get my 3 times in this week!

  6. hey girlie! i left you an award on my blog today! :-)