Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shreded Again:)

Well as you might of guessed I completed the Shred dvd for the third time today. Didn't want to die, but according to my husband I sounded like I was giving birth, but until he gets of his butt and tries this dvd I don't want to here it plus I had already walked/jogged 3 miles before hand so yep Im feeling worked out good:)

My workout week so far: Sun cardio plus The Shred
Mon outside 8 laps almost blew it off
Tuesday 3 miles plus the 20 min Shred dvd

Eating is Ok getting my veggies, fruit and water in daily. My oven part of my stove died the other day very annoying we have to order a part for it.

I guess that is it for now.


  1. Great job on the Shred! At least your hubby wasn't watching you do it!

  2. Hey Susan! *waves* The comment from your hubby was hilarious! I took a few days off from the Shred because I got sick but am definitely getting back on the wagon!!! You are officially below me but I'm going to catch up soon!!!!

  3. just ordered the 'shred' dvd, you are an inspiration, thanks!

  4. Great job! It's funny, in the summer time I can usually count on one hand that I use the stove we grill out so much. :D