Sunday, June 13, 2010

Workouts and Shopping Trips

From my workout notebook

Sun was a PR of sorts for me 3 miles in 39:42 plus abs
Total on Sunday was 61:01 minutes 4.20 miles I don't believe the calorie counts on my treadmill but I wish it were true:)
Mon: Total 48:00 3.15 miles
Tue: 35:04 time, 2.27 miles, abs, bike riding outside for 1/2 hour as well
Wed:48:01 3.35 miles
Thurs outside in my park 10 laps, abs, approx. 2.50 miles very hot humid miles:)

My weight is holding steady at 159 which is down from 162.

Eating was pretty good last week no notable slips, Water was better, met my goal of three veggies most days.

Sadly no weight training due to my strained arm/shoulder its feeling lots better so maybe this week I can ease back into it. I bought Jillian's Shred DVD the other day can't wait to use it so the arm/shoulder thingy has to get better I figured out it might be my office chair that was causing all the misery it didn't have a arm rest and I was holding my arm at a funny angle for long periods of time lately due to all my listing online.

That's it for me on the workout/eating front now on to the good stuff. I went shopping Thursday had a blast spent money on my "wants" instead of needs and it felt so good. First off I replaced my mouse on my computer it was shot so my first stop was Office Max for that I had a $10.00 gift card. Ross is right next door so I went browsing over there. Let me tell you I don't usually like shopping/browsing but my inner shopper was out. I must have tried on every sandal in the store...I credit Shelly for that finally I did get a pair. Also, got little earring studs to wear for "every day".

After that store I went off to my super Walmart where I grocery shop but as you all know they having everything under the sun. So again I went browsing first stop was makeup. I quit wearing it every day years ago but my husband said the other day I was a girl that looked good "plain" that pissed me off! So I decided not to be plain anymore.I bought fresh foundation, mascara, a lipstick and three nail polishes that were cheap under a dollar each. After that I went to the workout DVD section bought The Shred by Jillian Michael's for something different to do. Also, picked up a new table cloth for $5.00. Finally, I bought groceries and at the checkout I picked up a copy of Shape and Oprah usually I never buy magazines but I was mad at my husband so I bought some stuff for ME!

Last night on eBay I bought 3 lots of Starbucks Bearista Bears they are so cute and I do love them that is a total of 12 bears, two monkies, 1 reindeer, they were cheap enough its the shipping that gets you.I sold one last year and I shouldn't have because I ended up wanting to buy her back plus more!Now my inner shopping vixen is leashed again.

I admit that I usually never buy myself any thing I want but don't need out of some sense that I am not worthy or somehow I am less than because I don't have a job outside the sad is that?

Lessons learned:number one is don't shop when mad at husband lol two, sometime's buy yourself a small treat or there's gonna be a buying binge somewhere down the road. Luckily we had the extra. I manage the money and savings which includes what I make in sales sometimes its really hard living on one income thus comes the deprivation mode of only buying needs maybe some day I will "feel" strong enough emotionally to work outside the house but for now I am doing online sales from home.

No pictures today but when my bears get here if anyone is interested I will post pics of them. We all know what makeup, nail polish, DVDs, magazines look like. I might paint my piggies today and post a pic of my new sandals then...

What do you do when your mad at your husband or partner?


  1. I usually cook or clean. When I cook I make something 'I' like! So silly.

  2. Nice that the scale is heading in the right direction! I know what you mean about not shopping when your mad at the hubs! If I did that we'd be eating vegetarian for the entire week. (He likes meat, I'm indifferent)

  3. Congrats on your PR? What do I do when irked? I try not to do any harm, either to my body or my wallet. I try to dissipate the physical manifestations of the anger/irritation by getting some exercise. If I am in need of some "shopping" therapy, I try to limit it to going to the fancy market and browsing/shopping there. Usually, I don't do too much wallet damage!

  4. That's why Wal-Mart is dangerous - there is just too much temptation - too much stuff! LOL!

    I don't get mad at my hubby much, but when I feel the need to buy something I usually buy a purse. But then I usually take it back!!

  5. I had no idea we were around the same weight. This encourages me! I have the 30 day shred and am doing it along with Miss Haneefa starting today. I totally feel you on having to take a break, I had to do the same last month. Give your body the time it needs to recover....then come back hard with a vengence.