Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Wrap up plus pics

Went outside today and walked ten laps in 45 minutes in the hot sticky humidity that is Florida right now. Am I glad I got r done? You bet now I can put my workout week to bed:) Completed a total of 15+ miles now weight workouts due to shoulder bother me abs were done 3x.

As promised pictures of me whole body pictures at that:) Thanks for all your support and for those of us going through a hard season due to a death of a family member, or a breakup or job troubles whatever it may be please remember that this hard time won't last forever but tough people do last lean on your faith, your friends & family and of course your bloggy friends. That's all the wisdom I have for today...feel free to email me or friend me on Facebook.

I'm contemplating my non-food reward for all my hard work this week have to keep the dollar amount to around $5.00 a cheap treat any ideas?

Till next time....


  1. A new lipstick or bottle of nail polish gets my vote! Get a bright hot summer color and glam it up.

    Love the image of the person taking YOUR photo. Made me smile.

  2. A used book
    A cup of tea
    A hair accessory

    I like Helen's idea. Something saucy to match your red hair!

  3. You look great! For non-food rewards I like renting a movie or shopping by myself in a thrift store.

  4. New nail polish, some cute earrings, a new book, a new journal, new water bottle :)

  5. Non-food and inexpensive is 30 minutes of peace and a cup of coffee in the early, not too hot morning. Maybe with a book you already have but put off due to all that exercise you're doing.

  6. Download some new tunes for dancing around the house to!

    You are doing great Susan!
    You inspire me
    Lots o Love - Lara